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    Has X been working full-time for the employer on their current work permit for at least one year?

    If you are are talking about the 1 year of experience for being eligible, there is no continuity requirement and you can combine the experience of both "jobs" (for the first 6 months, you had a different employer). The issue being discussed in this thread is eligibility to claim valid offer of...
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    CEC) 1 year work experience from two different NOC?

    You must have filled out something incorrectly. when you enter a Canadian job, there are some questions at the end (did you work without authorization, did you perform this work under a study permit) that a lot of people misunderstand and answer incorrectly...
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    Changing the funds amount in the PR application "Note: You do not have to meet the funds requirement if you were invited to apply under the Canadian Experience Class. The system currently asks all applicants to provide a proof of funds document. If you don’t need to...
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    Express Entry CEC and FSW

    There is obviously an error in the information you entered for your Canadian work experience. You need a skilled NOC, your employer must obviously be in Canada, and you have to answer a series of questions correctly at the end of each Canadian job entry - there are questions about working...
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    Received ITA two months before reaching 1 year of experience

    I would advise declining the ITA and waiting for an ITA after you complete 1 year.
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    RCMP Criminal record check

    IRCC conducts name-based searches of criminal records in Canada for all applicants. For most applicants, the name-based search is sufficient to show no criminal record. However, if the name-based search returns a record, then IRCC requires fingerprints to determine if that record is yours, or...
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    Translation of Marriage Certificate - Please advise.

    You don't need a seal number, what you have is exactly correct. Good luck!
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    CEC: Work Experience Issue

    Yes. In the profile, you only need to include experience which will help you qualify and earn points. If you don't have documentation for a job and don't need it, you don't have to include it in the profile. LATER, if you get an ITA, you will have to put EVERYTHING in the personal history...
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    Claiming 50 points for Job offer on closed WP without LIMA

    An extension of one year (beginning before you apply) will not be enough to meet the "valid job offer" criteria. Yes, you would be eligible on an LMIA-exempt closed work permit, has you have already worked for this employer for 1 year, but you need to get a future job offer letter indicating...
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    CEC Work Experience

    No. You can apply from outside of Canada, as long as you have the required Canadian work experience within 3 years of the application date.
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    Valid job offer for postdoc

    That sounds good to me : ) There is a chance that a senior officer reviews and has a different opinion, but I don't think that happens much when the recommendation is "pass."
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    Valid job offer for postdoc

    IRCC will not answer such a question. You CAN apply for your GCMS notes and see what they say. There would be no real point to withdrawing the application at...
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    How do i actually apply for a BOWP?

    There is no separate / distinct application for a BOWP. By definition, you are extending/changing conditions of your existing work permit. And no, the application form was not tailored for the BOWP. But there are instructions for the BOWP. If you have submitted your eAPR and received your...
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    criminal check for CEC

    There is no need for an RCMP check with the application.