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    WES Report Delay

    it takes at most a month if they have everything on average
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    What happens if the IELTS score expires after getting an ITA?

    yeah she can update her profile if she has her new IELTS
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    previous employer in liquidation

    any other jobs? you max out at 3 so if you have others that wouldn't cause you to not be eligible id remove it
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    Big mistake :( help me plz

    pretty sure you still can. they'll extend it or ask for an updated one.
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    The Lonely Immigrant - Are you a new immigrant and feeling Lonely in Canada?

    hang in there.... it takes a while to meet people even without a lockdown. check out virtual meetups, book clubs etc...
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    Do I need to update my banking information

    i don't know but again it's none of their business why you changed banks. if they asked for an updated POF you provide it to them. they care you have the money, in your own name and that you didn't borrow them.
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    Travel history question

    Again, they're not gonna accuse you of misrepresentation if you write 6 days instead of 5 in germany. Putting transit location is a bit of a stretch but like other comments said, pictures, hotel/airbnb bookings, plane tickets etc cna help you build it.
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    Do I need to update my banking information

    why would it be odd to change your bank account? your life doesn't stop when you apply for PR and if your bank is acting up i'd defo change it
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    Travel history question

    It's also not that hard. Look at your passport stamps and try to rebuild your trip. sure you have pictures or something. use your LOE to add explanations if needed or need more space. just don't lie. For example, i went in schenghen zone through greece but went to france. My stamp says greece...
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    Travel history question

    no i didn't bundle up. but you should remember if you went to a country or not. if you went from france to amsterdam by train you won't mention belgium even if you took a hour break there. have it make sense for the agent. remember the intent is to have an idea of where you traveled to and how...
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    Do I need to update my banking information

    59%? also no why would you mention that? you mean for POF?
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    Travel history question

    you can do either way. you can also put the details in an LOE. don't overthink it. i put details in the travel history itself since overall mine wasn't that big
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    When to apply for the transcripts?

    yes, make sure to read the site. wes has requirements about transcripts.
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    When to apply for the transcripts?

    Yes, do it ASAP. Theres no dependencies with the IELTS
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    concern about late salary payments in two months

    they won't even look into it. they care about you not lying about being a salaried employee
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    concern about late salary payments in two months

    i don't think they care about those details they won't look deep into your statements. you are submitting proof not your entire history!
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    Level of Education for EE profile

    Obviously two or more. None of the other options work anyway!
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    Did you answer yes to was more than half this program in English or French?