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  1. VictorCA

    Likelihood of RQ

    Hi all, I've been reading about the dreaded RQ and I'm freaking myself out, maybe unnecessarily. A few questions for you: 1. I landed in Canada in January 2017 and was unemployed for a month. I have been employed continuously since February 2017. Would this month of unemployment in 2017 be...
  2. VictorCA

    Moving within Calgary

    Hi all, I am in the March 2020 pool of applicants, and my current lease will end by the end of August. I am thinking about moving but I also worry about how this would impact my application and cause delays. I understand that address changes while your application is still in Sydney don't...
  3. VictorCA

    Travel Documents

    Hi all, When listing Travel Documents in your application, what exactly counts as a Travel Document? Is it just passports or also non-immigrant visas, such as a B-1/B-2 visa for the US? Thank you!
  4. VictorCA

    FBI eDO Certificate

    Hi all, I recently met my 3-year requirement as a PR to apply for citizenship. Unfortunately, I was living in the US with a work visa in the year prior to moving to Canada. I was a fool and hadn't noticed that I'd have to get a brand new police certificate since I visited the US for a few days...
  5. VictorCA

    Error in taxes

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right forum for this question. I filed my taxes by myself for the first time yesterday in preparation for my citizenship application. While filling out the forms online, I noticed that one of the first questions is if you became a PR in the previous year, and...
  6. VictorCA

    Student loans / mortgage

    Hi all, I have a couple of questions for you. When looking at the requirements to sponsor my parents, I noticed the following as a factor for ineligibility: received government financial assistance for reasons other than a disability I just got accepted into a Master's degree that starts in...
  7. VictorCA


    Hi all, I've finally found a job, praise God! I'm filling out the documentation they sent me and one of it pertains to an "RRSP," which I understand is a retirement plan. There's an option to op out of the RRSP. What would you guys advise me to do as a new immigrant? It's not a high-paying job...
  8. VictorCA

    Alberta driver's license

    Hi all, I'll be landing in Calgary a week from today (praise God!). I've sold my car so I can buy one as soon as I get there and I wanted to ask a couple of questions for anyone who has gone through the process of obtaining an Albertan driver's license (a normal Class 5 license). Sadly, I am...
  9. VictorCA

    Canadian address for PR Card

    Hi all, I understand that I need to provide the immigration officer with a Canadian address when I land so that they can send me my PR card. I know I can just wait and update my address later, but the process to get the card is long enough as it is, so I wouldn't want to delay it any further...
  10. VictorCA

    PRTD for re-entering Canada by private car?

    Hi all, I am planning to land in Canada in January. My plan is to get there and buy a car within the first couple of days. I would like to drive to the US to buy some stuff for my apartment and then drive back to Canada. I understand that the PR card will take around 6 weeks to arrive and I...
  11. VictorCA

    Trump's election and IRCC

    Do you guys think the results of yesterday's election will bring with them any changes to IRCC's immigration policies? There has been a lot of talk about Americans and Mexicans moving to Canada, and the IRCC website even crashed last night as the results were coming in. What do you guys think?
  12. VictorCA

    A couple of questions about CoPR

    Hi all, I finally have my CoPR in my hands!!!! I am so happy! I just have a couple of questions for all you fine people: 1. It says "Prov. of dest.: ON" and "City of dest.: Niagara Falls." I believe at some point I indicated interest in moving there, although those are no longer my plans....I...
  13. VictorCA

    Question about sponsorship of parents by a new PR

    Hi all, My CoPR and PR visa are now in my city and I'm just waiting for FedEx to deliver them to me. I'm planning to land in January. Ideally, I would like to submit my application to sponsor my parents asap so I can bring them to Canada; however, I have a question for anyone who knows...
  14. VictorCA

    Mystery package from UPS

    Hi all, I'm hoping somebody is familiar with this situation and can help me. I received an e-mail on the 26th from CIC requesting my passport. I sent it to them the very same day with FedEx and they received it on the 27th. Today I got home from work to a note from UPS on my door saying they...
  15. VictorCA

    Langley, Abbotsford, or Calgary?

    Hi all, I'm doing some research in preparation for when I move to Canada, which (God willing) will probably be early next year. After considering a few factors, I have narrowed my search down to Ottawa, Windsor, or Kingston. These are some of the factors I considered: I do not like heat, the...
  16. VictorCA

    Question about landing

    Hi all, IRCC requested my passport yesterday and they received it today! I'm now just waiting for them to finalize the process and send it back to me :D I have a question for you: I am currently living in Nevada (USA) on a work visa that expires in July. If I receive my CoPR in November, I...
  17. VictorCA

    Passport requested! Two questions.

    Hi all, I woke up this morning to amazing news: an e-mail from IRCC requesting my passport and two pictures!! I've already sent them to Ottawa with FedEx and they'll be arriving tomorrow before noon. I have two questions: 1. Does this mean that my application for Permanent Residence has been...
  18. VictorCA

    At what point in time can I request an update?

    Hi all, I started my whole process on November 20 by taking my IELTS exam. I received my ITA on March 9 and my AOR on April 25. CIC requested my police certificates, schedule A, etc., and the last thing that changed was back on Setpember 2, when my background check started. I browsed through...
  19. VictorCA

    Religious occupations as work experience

    Hi all, I was recently surprised at finding out that professional occupations in religion are classified as NOC level A positions. I was a full-time Youth Pastor for three years, so I would definitely like to include this in my profile as work experience; however, I have a question for any...
  20. VictorCA

    Skilled Work Experience

    Hi all, I have a question about the skilled work experience requirement for the CRS ranking system. This is what the website says: My first question is: when it says that it needs to be the same NOC skill type (0, A, or B), does this mean it needs to be in the exact same NOC code? Or does...