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  1. heymanthkumar

    Need help in filling IMM5406E form for Additional family information

    Hi All, Need some quick help in filling out the Additional family information form. I have submitted my PR application including my wife(non-accompanying). We are blessed with a baby recently. Now we have to submit the 'Additional family information IMM5406E form. Below are my questions 1...
  2. heymanthkumar

    Post graduate diploma through distance

    Hi All, I have got my evaluation report for my Post graduate diploma which i have done through distance mode. While submitting my express entry profile, should i mention it as Part time or Full time ? Wouldnt it effect me, if i mention part time ?
  3. heymanthkumar

    Job change during PR process

    Hello Everyone, I would like to know if we can resign to our current job and join another company after getting ITA. Also if i join my new company after submitting my PR application. How should that be updated ?
  4. heymanthkumar

    Police clearance certificate in India

    Hi all, I'm trying to apply for Police clearance certificate from the Passport website. I still have not received ITA, but to save time can i go for police clearance certificate even before getting ITA. And how long is the police clearance certificate valid and are there any conditions from...
  5. heymanthkumar

    Medical examination before receiving ITA

    Hello People, I need clarification on when to take medical exam. My CRS score is 457 and i'm currently not in the pool. I would like to submit my express entry profile in October. As we are expecting a baby this december and my wife would not be able to take medical exam around October, can my...
  6. heymanthkumar

    How to bring your spouse to Canada if you are already a PR holder

    Hello People, Need some information and i would like to know what's the easiest way to bring spouse to canada without a PR, when we are a PR of canada and currently working in canada. Is there a dependency visa kind of thing where my spouse can travel to canada and stay with me without working.
  7. heymanthkumar

    Successful PR stories through PNP with CRS below 400

    Hello Everyone, I'm just starting this thread to let people post their PNP experience which might help others. Please share the below details 1. Your CRS score 2. Province which nominated you 3. NOC code for which you have received the nomination and any other relevant details Thanks in...
  8. heymanthkumar

    Question on Reference letters

    Hello Everyone, I have a question with respect to Employment reference letters. I have worked for 5 companies till date 1) Company 1 is merged with another company and the name is changed now and is different from the one that is on my relieving or experience letter. How should i get relieving...