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  1. Pac_man

    Landing in Canada tomorrow - Last min query?!

    Hi Guys I am landing in Toronto tomorrow for a 2 week holiday with my family before making my permanent move later this year. My question is i do not intend to travel with $14,000+CAD for a two week holiday. 1. Can i take my most recent bank statement to prove i have adeqaute funds to...
  2. Pac_man

    Landing Query

    Hi All I have got my COPR/PPR and have until 10 FEB 2018 to travel to Canada. I am planning to go Canada for 2 weeks with the family towards the end of this month and then come back to UK to tie up the loose ends and plan the final move for Jan 2018 . My question is will i get asked by CAN IMM...
  3. Pac_man

    Letter Accompanying Visa (",)

    Hi All Just got this letter through my CIC portal - "Letter Accompanying Visa" and my CIC profile has updated to application approved! FINALLY!!! Within the letter it states "You have now been issued your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) form (IMM5292 or IMM5688) for you and all...
  4. Pac_man

    COPR - Questions - Landing in Canada?

    Hi All I have put applied for my COPR at my local Canada Immgration Office in Trafalgar Square London. Does anyone know how long this process takes until i get the Letter. Secondly when travelling to Canada for the first time, i understand the Canadian officer will allow you to enter Canada as...
  5. Pac_man

    Ready for Visa / CIC Upload

    Hi Guys I received my 'Ready for Visa' email last month and have submitted my documents to my local VAC office in London. Within the email it says to upload my docs to CICs website as well? However there does not appear to be any option for me to do this? IS anyone else in the same boat and how...
  6. Pac_man

    PPR Question?

    Guys - A slightly random question? What does PPR look like for a british citizen? As i only submit a photocopy of my passport what do CIC send me? a letter to prove PR or does my british passport get a PR visa stuck in at a later date? Just curious....
  7. Pac_man

    Ready for Visa Email :)

    Hi Guys Got the 'ready for visa' email this week. Question for British citizens - Did you submit your original passport copy or just a photo copy? The email is not to clear in this respect? Thanks Pac_man
  8. Pac_man

    AOR April 2017 [FSW] Profile finally changed!

    Hi All Finally had an update to my CIC EE profile post AOR on 02 April 17. Changes took place last night 04 June 17 (total of 63 days) Medicals changed to "Medical passed" Review of add docs changed to "We do not need add docs" Background check changed to "Your app is in progress. The next...
  9. Pac_man

    Buying a property post AOR/ITA

    Hi all In a nutshell my partner and I would like to buy a property in the UK before we move to Canada (if we get PR that is) The question is does this need to be declared to CIC? If yes, how? - AOR [FSW] received on 02/04/17 - Still awaiting any form of change to profile - My partner and I...
  10. Pac_man

    Next steps after ITA submission

    Can anyone tell me from experience what the next step is after ITA submission? I know it can take up to 6mths etc... but i am interested to know what happens after you are accepted? do you get a visa? do you get a timeframe to travel to canada? is their more fees or paperwork to fill in? Thanks
  11. Pac_man

    2no EE Profiles

    Another dumb question. Just about to submit my ITA profile, however my husband also has a EE profile with him as primary applicant. As his score was low i got the ITA first. Should we delete his profile before/after submiting the ITA? or can we leave it open? ta
  12. Pac_man

    Spouse Accompnying Primary Applicant ITA Query

    Hi Guys I am just about to submit my profile for my ITA but one thing makes me slightly nervous. I am the primary applicant and i moved my husbands work experience to personnel history as it does not give us any points (as he is not the primary applicant). So now that i have moved over all...
  13. Pac_man

    ITA Uploading Proof of funds

    Hi Guys In the final stages of uploading our ITA for my spouse and I and have got 2 issues 1. Barclays wont send me a letter proving my funds. I have therefore decided to scan my last 6months worth of statements. However i cannot upload the statement as it is over 10mb and the CIC allowance is...
  14. Pac_man

    Express Entry Pictures

    Hi Guys in the final steps of my Express Entry profile and wanted to know what pictures are required to be uploaded with Express Entry? Do you get the digital photograph then scan it in or do you just upload a digital copy of the photograph without scanning it? What have people done?? Also...
  15. Pac_man

    ITA Uploading Passport Copy to CIC

    Gents May be a silly question but when you are uploading your Passport copy to CIC do you have to scan ALL pages of passport or just the photo page and any other pages with visa entries on it? Also if I have a fairly new passport do i have to scan my old passport with old visa entries in as...
  16. Pac_man

    UK Citizen - how to show proof of funds?

    Hi guys Can i ask what UK citizens are showing as proof of funds? Will uploading the front page of my monthly bank statement suffice? Or do you need a personalised letter from the bank. thanks
  17. Pac_man

    Do i need a reference? Confused

    Hi Guys I am a little confused? i am a secondary applicant on my Wife(primary) ITA My wife has work reference letters but i do not have any for myself as i have moved my work history to Personnel History section? Is this the correct thing to do? Or should i obtain reference letters and move...
  18. Pac_man

    Post ITA - Job Reference Letter Sample?

    hi Guys Does anyone have a sample submission of a Job reference letter from their respective employers to include in the ITA application? What information is required/compulsary? Thanks
  19. Pac_man

    ITA - Medical Now or After?

    Hi Guys I will have completed my ITA Application (hopefully) by the end of this week. The question is can i submit my ITA first and then wait for CIC to give me a date to get my Medical done or shall i get it done in advance and submit it all in one go? Thanks
  20. Pac_man


    Hi Guys Does anyone have a link to CIC website to show exactly what is required for an immigration medical. I have just been quoted the below: Adult (over 15 years old) - Canada Includes full medical, HIV and VDRL blood test and chest x-ray £295 Does this sound right? Looks quite ££ to me...