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  1. Suin

    Police Certificate

    Hello, need some advice. According to the Citizenship application guide: "Within the last 4 years, if you spent 183 days or more in another country (other than Canada), you must provide a police certificate. You must provide a police certificate for each country where you spent 183 days or more...
  2. Suin

    H&C Application as alternative to Sponsorship of Parents

    Hello guys, for those who face problems in meeting the requirements of the Sponsorship of Parents program or just simply are tired of waiting out the years of possessing times, you may consider the application for permanent residence from within Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds...
  3. Suin

    Tax on foreign income

    Hi. I need some advise on tax rules on the foreign income. If a person receives interest income on money in a foreign country that takes the tax of that income, does he need to pay more taxes on the same income in Canada? I cannot seem to figure out the double taxation rules in Canada. Thanks...
  4. Suin

    Bringing funds after landing

    Hello. I have a friend who had a landing interview and became a PR in-land. He has stayed in Canada for a few years without leaving & he cannot leave Canada for a quite a while yet. Could you please advise how much time he has to bring his money from his country to Canada as a part of his...
  5. Suin

    Money brought to Canada after landing

    Hi, I have a friend who recently became a landed immigrant in Canada. He is planning on bringing money from his original country to Canada. Will this money be taxable? Thank you for all the inputs.
  6. Suin

    Oath Letter waiting timelines

    Hello, how long does it usually take to receive the Oath letter after the test? Please do share your experience. Thank you for all the inputs in advance.
  7. Suin

    Children & the oath ceremony

    Hello, according to the CIC site: "Adults and children aged 14 or over must go to the citizenship ceremony and take the oath. Parents will get certificates of citizenship for their children under age 14. Children under age 14 do not have to go, but they are welcome to do so." I also read on...
  8. Suin

    Income proof for Super Visa

    Hello, in the document checklist the CIC asks to submit: One of the following documents to prove that your child or grandchild meets the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) minimum - Most recent copy of the Notice of Assessment or Option C printout, - Most recent copy of the T4 or T1, - Original letter...
  9. Suin

    Citizenship applications for the 55 y.o. and over applicants

    Hello, according to the CIC, adult applicants 55 years of age and over do not need to write the citizenship test. Are they interviewed instead? Please do share your experience.
  10. Suin

    Authorized Period of Extended Stay - Parents and Grandparents

    Hello, On November 4, 2011, CIC announced a temporary pause on all new sponsorship applications for the parents and grandparents category. With the introduction of this pause, CIC implemented an Authorized Period of Extended Stay for up to two years for applicants seeking to extend their visit...
  11. Suin

    Ontario Photo Card for visitor

    Hello, can a person who has a visitor status and residing in Ontario apply for Ontario Photo Card? Thank you in advance for all your replies.
  12. Suin

    Job in Police force

    Hello, do you know if it's possible for PR holder to get job in police headquarters? Thank you.
  13. Suin

    Citizenship application requirements

    Hello, on filling the applicant form they ask to include all kids even if we do not apply for their citizenship and provide school records and other proof. Does it apply for the Canadian born child too? Do we need to submit all this information for the kid who is already Canadian by birth? Thank...
  14. Suin

    Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

    Hi, has anyone filed recently Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds application? Thank you.
  15. Suin

    April 2013 applications

    Hello, is anyone on the forum who applied in April, 2013?
  16. Suin

    Extension of stay

    Hi, how many times the cic can keep extending the stay of a person arrived on visitors visa? Thank you.
  17. Suin

    School Records

    Hello, we are trying to get school records for kids citizenship application. School administration does not understand what the cic needs for application. Could you please share your experience how to get school records? Thank you in advance.
  18. Suin

    Possibility of getting RQ

    Hi, we have resided in Canada for 1,247 days in the past four years - that is 152 days more than their requirement of 1,095. What is a chance for us to get RQ? Or should we contact the border service for getting proof of our continious presence in Canada for the required period of time for...
  19. Suin

    Citizenship application

    Hi, we are planning to apply for citizenship in a month. Could you please advise us what preparation steps we need to do? How long does it takes for all the proccess to be completed? Thank you in advance for all your inputs.
  20. Suin

    Canadian Police Certificate

    Hello, could you please advise how to obtain a police certificate in Canada? Where to apply and what is the procedure like? Thank you in advance.