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    Work Permit Error

    Hello everyone, I recently received my canadian work permit. However, theres an error. My birth country is wrong. I'm from the US but wasnt born in the US. Idk how that mistake was made. Will this effect my PR application? I didnt make the error on my application. Can i get it changed to my...
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    Sponsor Linkage

    It's been over a month and my wife who is my sponsor cant link her application to her CIC account. Is there something im missing or is this standard?
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    Response times once application is linked? Please help

    My application for inland sponsorship was recived on December 27th. I received my AOR and linked my application on February 8th. However, my wife how is sponsoring me is still having issues linking her account. We've called and emailed IRCC, they told us her account was linked. But it doesnt...