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    University of Regina September 2019 Intake

    [Q☺ "Ehjeerho, post: 7912952, member: 878829"]This Sept. Hopefully can sort out SP in time for fall. ☺. God speed dear
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    University of Regina September 2019 Intake

    Congratulations , when do you begin?
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    Please advice me on the options.

    Hello friends, i have two questions please your candid advice is highly needed. 1- Which of these Masters are highly sorted after in Canada, Public Administration or Human Resource management? 2- Please suggest on the low tution schools to apply for any of the above? Thank you in anticipation!
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    Prospective Student for January, May, and September 2019 Intake Gather Here For Question and Answer

    Hello fam. Please my main sponser id my guardian, and i was advisd not to go ahead with it cos i ll be refused visa except i present a tangible case. Pls i need yoyr advises how do i go about this?? thank you
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    MA International Relations

    Jackkampole, post: 7890601, member: 875723"]Hi Everyone, I'm a prospecting student based in Lusaka, Zambia, in Southern Africa. I would like someone in this forum to help me find any reasonable university or college offering MA in International Relations. Thank you in advance for your help.[/...
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    University of Regina September 2019 Intake

    Hello, how's wify doing now? Please can you help me and put me through the admission process step by step guideline, i m an intended applicant from PH, Thank you in anticipation.. Here's my email...
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    Memorial University 2019-2020 Fall admission

    Please help with sop
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    University of Saskatchewan

    Hi everyone, has anyone on here applied for MPA in uni saks? Please i need to ask some qiestions for clarification, thanks.