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    Spousal sponsorship

    Hello I moved to Vancouver in May this year on PR. I recently got married and my wife lives in US. I want to apply PR for her. But I am planning to go to US and stay there for few months or more while working remotely for Canadian company. So what is the best way of applying for her PR. Is it...
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    H4 Stamping for my wife - please help

    Hi, Did you get your H4? Can you please share your experience...I am on PR in Canada and my wife is on H1 in US. I have visa interview in Calgary this week...what documents are required and any tips. Thank you.
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    Visit Visa to Canada from US

    Hi, One of my friends is looking to apply for visit visa to Canada. For biometrics, it looks like we need to enter IRCC number. Any one know what this number is? Is it same as UCI number? Also, on what email we can contact cic. Please let me know asap. Thank you, Krishna.
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    Anyone on 1st Day CPT?

    Actually I did not find anyone who are on CPT and crossed the border. But i did it myself and luckily i got back to US. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Things to do before leaving US and arriving Canada?

    I mean do we need to apply for some documents and carry there. For example, i read somewhere that we should apply for driving history and take to Canada. So, anything like that. Sorry for the vague question.
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    Things to do before leaving US and arriving Canada?

    Hello, I am planning to move to Vancouver, Canada from US next month. Can you please advise me on things to do before moving. Thank you, Krishna.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Yes, it is a ghost update. Should be less than a week
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Is there a way to track the card after it says card dispatched in the profile? How long is it taking these days approximately?
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    Ottawa Case Processing Centre applicants - Lets connect here.

    I would say about 2 weeks after they received
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    H1B Petition Rejected

    So, i got my H1 denied after RFE in 2017. I did not mention anywhere in the application. I got my application approved recently. So, i think we need not worry much about H1 denials.
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    Landing at Pearson International: SIN

    Thank you for the reply. I am planning to go for soft landing over the weekend and will return the same day itself. So, I am thinking if it would be a good idea to not apply SIN this visit and apply for one after moving permanently.
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    Landed .... (used AVR to return back to US)

    Thank you for the Visa is still not is valid until August this year. Can I still use AVR if I want to do soft landing, let's say, in March?
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    Landed .... (used AVR to return back to US)

    Hi, can i use AVR even with unexpired F1 visa, i am also on 1st day CPT...
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    Anyone on 1st Day CPT?

    Hello, I am on first day CPT started masters from Jan 2019, looking for soft landing and returning to US on AVR visa. Did anyone do that in the recent past with F1 Visa specifically on CPT? Can you please advise if it is safe to do that. Thank you in advance. Krishna.
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    Delay in Indian PCC - Should I Decline ITA? (441 score)

    I have read somewhere when sending out my documents that if PCC is not ready within the 60 day period, we can send the documentation proving that we requested for PCC and it is getting delayed. You can email your police station and put that as well, as a proof. Better call CIC and make sure. I...
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    Digital photo urgent help

    I took a clear picture from my phone and uploaded in this website and it worked fine. I think it is about $8. They will modify the photograph according to the required specs and it will be available for download. As we just have to upload digital version...