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    Anyone applied Canada Student visa with spouse and kids from USA?

    May I know which university is your wife doing her MBA, ? and whats the duration, how expensive is it? How much of funds do you need to show with spouse and child?
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    regarding courses and colleges

    Thanks for your response. I am open to do MBA as well but im just thinking it would be too expensive. Please suggest me on the universities which are good and will have good job opportunities after the completion of MBA.
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    regarding courses and colleges

    Hi, I have done by Bachelors of technology and looking to do any 2 years study courses (international student). I want to know which are some of the good universities and yet affordable. Apart from MBA., what other courses would add value to a bachelors degree. ? Which courses would be...
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    7th September IELTS GT exam discussion: USA only

    Does any one remember answers for true, false, not given section?
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    Crs score for PNP

    Hi, What is the CRS score that is needed to apply for any province (no job offer and no blood relative in Canada)? With CRS score in the range of 360 are your eligible for PNP ?
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    May 11th IELTS candidates of North America Reading section4 is also repeated.
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    May 11th IELTS candidates of North America

    Conversation between Ahmed and Tina Easier than expected, as expected, harder than expected . What is the answer?