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  1. uppperkut

    Name in the GCKey Account

    See my post right above yours.
  2. uppperkut

    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    I'm a PR since September 2017 :)
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    PR Cancellation due to understaying

    Say you became PR on January 1, 2020. If you stay a full 2 years without leaving the country, you've met your residency obligations, so you can renew your PR when your PR card expires**. If you stay for another year (total 3 years), you can apply for citizenship on January 1, 2023. The way it...
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    Sibling Points

    It's a lot more complicated than just giving a statement or a bill. When someone leaves Canada to move to another country permanently, they become non-residents to avoid paying worldwide taxes part of their Canadian tax return. If they don't do that, they'll be paying taxes in both countries...
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    Sibling Points

    This is incorrect.
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    Sibling Points

    A Canadian citizen and resident are 2 different things. A resident is someone whose primary address, work, bank accounts, social life, are all in Canada. Their health card would also remain active. As a resident of Canada, you must pay taxes on worldwide income. If your brother has been living...
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    6-month average balance must exceed funds requirement? Declaration at the border.

    Just get a 6 month bank statement. Might be a pain in the ass to fit in one PDF, but it works.
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    How to show your 1 year experience with different teams in a same company ?

    1. Get one letter showing all positions worked at the company. 2. If the positions are similar and NOC is unchanged, then just list the most recent position. 3. If your positions are completely different with different tasks, then put 2 entries in the profile. Getting one or two letters doesn't...
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    My crs score

    Without knowing what you filled in either the questionnaire or the profile, it's very hard to troubleshoot. Some things to check for: - Candian vs. foreign education - Canadian vs. foreign work experience - Work experience dates
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    Certificate of qualification for software development

    It's not about the points it gives, you cannot immigrate as a Federal Skilled Trades worker because software development is not a skilled trade.
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    Gift deed for Proof of funds

    Please use the forum to search for the right answer. If you go to Google, type "gift deed canadavisa", you'll find at least 20 articles that answer your question.
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    Certificate of qualification for software development

    Certificates of qualification are required to determine your eligibility under the Federal Trades program. Software Development is not a skilled trade—it is a Type A skilled professional job. You can find the right NOC for your job here...
  13. uppperkut

    Reporting illegal cash paid work in Canada when applying for Express Entry

    I wouldn't bring it up and simply move on with my life. I'm no legal expert, but working illegally will lead to a rejected application. Here's a couple of articles that I found:
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    what sites do you use in reducing the size of your documents?

    I used Sejda You can also download PDF apps together with photo editing apps to compress your files.
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    Working in India for a Canadian company

    I'm not sure how you can say "Yes" if the question has the word "currently". Are you working in Canada now? No. Simple. :)
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    Immigration to Canada from India

    Congratulations. This is your step by step guide:
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    Transferring money from UAE to Canada

    Opened a USD account at TD.
  18. uppperkut

    Deleting express entry details

    If it doesn't affect your EE/FSW score, you can remove it from your work experience. You must still mention it in your personal history.
  19. uppperkut

    Level 7 120 Credit Hours UK Diploma

    The best thing is to contact WES. You could also try this tool