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    Pakistan Driving Letter NOC For Exemptions

    Hi, I have obtained the NOC document from Driving License Branch which states my driving license number, issue date, expiry date and my name. It is signed and stamped. However it is on a plain paper stating "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN". Its not on a letter head. Can anyone advise if this is...
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    PR Residency Obligation demonstration

    Hi, Just wanted to check, i have been reading on numerous platforms that people who have PR of less than 5 years. When they travel outside Canada and come back, they need to proof their residency obligation that they will be meeting 730 days in 5 year span. I have made a soft landing this year...
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    Accountants to get CPA Ontario to practice in Ontario?

    Hi, I am a CPA British Columbia member, having granted the designation CPA,CGA. If i want to practice accounting in Ontario do i need to become a member of CPA Ontario as well? Thanks in advance
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    JVS Toronto's CanPrep service

    HI, Has anyone registered with JVS Toronto's CanPrep per-arrival services? They are asking for UCI number and other documents like COPR etc. Is it authentic? how useful is it? Any advise? URL: Thanks in advance
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    Tax implication on money transferred after soft landing

    Hi, Assuming a person is non resident for tax purpose (No significant ties apart from a bank account - current account) would there be a tax implication or questions asked: 1) If he sends his savings into Canadian Account from foreign bank account? 2) If someone else (say a friend) within...
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    Marriage related document process for Pakistani Spousal Sponsorship

    Hi, Apologies in advance for the long list of queries ahead, but would highly appreciate if anyone with recent experience or knowledge could verify the steps below for arranging marriage documents of newly wed couples for spousal sponsorship. The initial document will be the Nikkah Nama in...
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    Multiple entry TRV

    Greetings, My fiancee's brother is on student visa in Canada doing his post graduation. She wants to visit her. Currently she is almost done with her graduation and will be starting her 1 year internship. my questions are: 1) Is family visit of TRV her only option? 2) She wants a multiple...
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    PR getting revoked

    Hi, I have a couple of queries, hoping someone can help me with it. 1) What are the reasons for the PR status to be revoked? 2) When we say meeting residency obligation? Does this mean that one has to stay any 730 days in 5 years? 3) I have read somewhere that one cannot leave Canada /...
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    Best province for Finance and Accounting profession for foreigners?

    Greetings, I am planning to move to Canada later this year. Currently i have 4 years of accounting experience + professional certification ACCA & CPA,CGA (Canada). 1) Which province + city is best for me to move? 2) How difficult is it to land on an accounting / finance job without Canadian...
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    Spouse's pre wedding TRV

    Greetings, I have a query hoping anyone can help me with it: I am a Permanent Resident and have been living in Canada for 1 year. My wife had applied for TRV before marriage (to visit her brother) but never visited Canada. The TRV is still valid and stamped in her old passport (Passport...
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    PR card courier Toronto to Dubai

    Greetings, I apologize if this question has been asked several times, but i needed someone with recent experience to guide me through. My friend has received the PR card in his mail in Toronto. Now i am planning to get it couriered to me. I just wanted to check if anyone has recently received...
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    PR Card dispatch queries

    Greetings, I have made a soft landing on 16th Feb, 2018 in Toronto. I was successful in linking my PR card application with my Express Entry Profile. The PR application shows approved today i.e. 28th Mar, 2018. My question is: 1) Assuming that approved means dispatched, how long will it take...
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    Greeting, I will be making a soft landing in mid of Feb-18. My consultant has asked me to take my birth certificate with me as it will be required when applying for SIN. Although i didn't find any such detail on the website. It just asked for COPR + Passport. Will the birth certificate be...
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    New PR - 2018 Tax Returns - Tax resident or not

    Hi All, I am planning my soft landing (2 weeks) in Feb-18. Then will move permanently in 2019. During my soft landing i am planning to apply for SIN, clear Driving License (G1) & Open a bank account. My question is will i be treated as resident / deemed resident for tax purposes in year 2018...
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    Soft Landing - PR card query

    Hi, Can anybody help me with the below query: What do i respond to to the CBSA officers when they ask for how many Days i am in Canada. I will be making a soft landing for 2 weeks. But i read somewhere that if i mention two weeks they don't apply for PR card and ask to apply for it later when i...
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    Soft Landing - PR card query

    HI, Can anybody help me on the below query What do i respond to to the CBSA officers when they ask for how many Days i am in Canada. I will be making a soft landing for 2 weeks. But i read somewhere that if i mention two weeks they don't apply for PR card and ask to apply for it later when i...
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    Greetings, I have received my COPR and will be travelling to Toronto from Dubai on a short trip (4-5 days) my questions are: 1) I understand that i can be given the SIN number from Canadian Service Center within an hour. But what about my SIN card? because i read it somewhere it takes around...
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    PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) from Dubai

    Greetings, I would like to know: 1) How to apply for PRTD from Dubai? 2) How long does it takes to get the document? 3) How long is the eligibility? Like when does the validity expires for entry? 4) How much will it cost? Appreciate your inputs. Thanks in advance
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    International Medical Graduate's to practice medicine in Toronto

    Greetings, I am planning to move to Toronto early next year. My fiancee is a medical graduate (MBBS) from Pakistan with a year of house job. Can anyone advice on the procedure for her to practice medicine in Toronto? I have heard its quite difficult for IMG's to get licenses in Canada, but i...
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    Toronto - 1st Landing - Short Landing

    Greetings, I have received my COPR and it is valid till 23 Mar-18. i am planning to travel by 15 Mar-18 and return within two weeks. My queries are: 1) Is it safe to travel at such last moment? 2) I will be doing the same as many others - Provide a local address of a friend who will then...