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  1. thinker038

    Place of landing

    Hi, I mentioned Toronto/Ontario as the place where i intend to live in Canada when i would land there. Can i land in Calgary/Alberta? Is there any specific rule/law about it? Thanks.
  2. thinker038

    Any NOC 4121 University Professor applicant/success PR

    Hi, Is there anybody applying with NOC 4121 University Professor or have gone through successful. Please respond i have some queries. BR/FK.
  3. thinker038

    how to prove relation with uncle

    Hi, I have to show my relation with my uncle ( my father's younger brother). According to Proof of your relationship to your relative in Canada, if applicable, (i.e.; education documents, parent’s Bay...
  4. thinker038

    IELTS Academic

    Hi, Can i know the logic behind not accepting academic IELTS? As far as i know that academic IELTS is tougher than GT. BR/FK