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    PGWP and TRV for spouse (Spouse in Canada in open work permit)

    You can´t ask without a job offer.
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    urgent query

    The 20-hour time limits is important. The week begin on Sunday therefore your limit count from Sunday to Saturday, and if you work more hours than y could it will mean than you are not in compliance to the law and if you seek to get permanent residence after you will have not obey and that could...
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    Vac is a little more expesinve than cic. There are more fees associated, nevertheless they help you with y apllication. As to paper or eletronic it is a matter of choice and familiarity. The papaer apllications seems easy enouth, but people says it is time consuming, eletronic is faster.
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    Is MyCIC page down?

    Ri, that wasn´t what i was trying to do. But uploading tha same documents in another computer got the job done. Unfortunatelly, i´m still having difficulties to pay for my fees. It keep not letting me pay. I´ve tried differents banks in Brazil and nothing seems to work.
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    Is MyCIC page down?

    Nope... not entirely, i´ve being trying to upload some files and it keeps sending messages like: Validation error: You have not completed the mandatory fields or you have not completed them correctly. Please make corrections where indicated. Error Description: You are unable to attach a...
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    Help needed to fill IMM1295 for spouse open work permit

    If the open work permit is linked to your studied apllications when y complete the form all your answers will be not apllicable = N/A
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    Is MyCIC page down?

    Ok, i tried today and it´s working now. ;D
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    Is MyCIC page down?

    Ok, i will try again. The page does opne, but when i try to do my apllications keeps giving me errors. Thanks!! ;)
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    Is MyCIC page down?

    no, i´ve being trying too. Since april 20.
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    Mycic down?

    Can´t acess my apllication on mycic, does anyone know when it´s coming back? Thanks.
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    Mycic down?

    I´ve being trying to connect to m,ycic apllication, and when it starts presentes some kind of erros, this has happen a lot of times since may 20. Anyone knows when it´s coming back? Thanks.