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    How to get police checks in India?

    Could anybody shed light on the process of getting police checks in India? Thanks
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    Name Differences between Degrees

    Hi All According to my region's naming traditions, my last name is initialized before my first name. My bachelor's and master's degree has this name. However during my PhD i fixed this issue when I enrolled for this program. I expanded my initial and put it after my first name. So now there is...
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    WES Highest Degree

    Hi I have a PhD from US university. My WES evaluation is due to be completed. Do I need to get my masters and bachelor's from WES to get points for my PhD? Will an evaluation certificate for my PhD be enough to claim points? Thanks Badri
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    EE Profile and Age Change

    Hi All I will turn 34 next Tuesday and I am filing for EE along with my wife. We both will be ready to submit our profile before Tuesday. Will I loose 5 points automatically after Tuesday or will my points be locked and unchanged according to the day I submit my profile? Thanks Buddy