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  1. Pac_man

    Landing Experience - Billy Bishop Airport Toronto

    Thanks for sharing Goose. Did you make your own spreadsheet/word doc for the goods list? and was it acceptable? Ta
  2. Pac_man

    Landing in Canada tomorrow - Last min query?!

    I would have taken £10k Stirling and filled in the forms to be on the safe side :D
  3. Pac_man

    Landing in Canada tomorrow - Last min query?!

    Hi Guys I am landing in Toronto tomorrow for a 2 week holiday with my family before making my permanent move later this year. My question is i do not intend to travel with $14,000+CAD for a two week holiday. 1. Can i take my most recent bank statement to prove i have adeqaute funds to...
  4. Pac_man

    Regarding Change in Proof of Funds after ITA

    Have a read of this
  5. Pac_man

    Regarding Change in Proof of Funds after ITA

    You just need to show enough funds as required by CIC for you to emigrate to Canada including dependents (if applicable)
  6. Pac_man

    Status:Review of additional documents

    Judging by my submission and others you should hear something from CIC this month or next month. However it depends on what stream you applied through, which country you are applying from, quality of your submission etc etc. Just be a little patient
  7. Pac_man

    chances to get ITA

    Yes you have a very good chance of getting selected for ITA with a score of 449. You need to monitor the draws and once you fall into the ITA category you will get an email via your EE profile..
  8. Pac_man

    Medical tests before or after submission of application

    Yes, You need Medical tests for kids aged 7 and 3 Get all your medicals done before you apply. CIC website has lists of approved medical centres that they recognise for Immigration Medicals.
  9. Pac_man

    Newbie with Interest for Immigration to Canada

    If you read my timeline you will see approx timescaes from ITA to PPR - In my case 8months. From date of Application submission [April] to PPR [Aug] was around 5 months
  10. Pac_man

    Landing Query

    Thanks mate. Has anyone//you been questioned upon landing? Any obvious things that i need to be wary of?
  11. Pac_man

    Landing Query

    Hi All I have got my COPR/PPR and have until 10 FEB 2018 to travel to Canada. I am planning to go Canada for 2 weeks with the family towards the end of this month and then come back to UK to tie up the loose ends and plan the final move for Jan 2018 . My question is will i get asked by CAN IMM...
  12. Pac_man

    Landing in canada

    i believe you can land at any official entry point in Canada...
  13. Pac_man

    Letter Accompanying Visa (",)

    I do not require a visa as i am from UK so there is no stamp required within my passport. Are the letters hard copy's or electronic via the CIC profile...
  14. Pac_man

    Letter Accompanying Visa (",)

    Hi All Just got this letter through my CIC portal - "Letter Accompanying Visa" and my CIC profile has updated to application approved! FINALLY!!! Within the letter it states "You have now been issued your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) form (IMM5292 or IMM5688) for you and all...
  15. Pac_man

    COPR - Questions - Landing in Canada?

    Thanks - Damn - I have not done this? Can you advise how you done this? Steps/procedures? Did you submit just passport copy and Schedule A? Or did you upload photographs as well?? Where can i find the CSE link?
  16. Pac_man

    COPR - Questions - Landing in Canada?

    Out of curiosity did you upload anything to your CIC account or post? Reason for asking i never had an option to upload to my CIC account. I just got a "ready for visa" email....
  17. Pac_man

    COPR - Questions - Landing in Canada?

    Thanks for the info - I sent mine on 31st July, signed for on 02 Aug 17 and have not heard anything? Strange..... What if you dont have a canadian address upon landing though? Cos i would like to see the area, accomadation etc before renting?
  18. Pac_man


    You may be better of contacting WES/similar and asking them this question as they are the ones that will be evaluating your credentials....
  19. Pac_man

    Help! Need to extend PPR submission of passport

    There should be an email address to contact within your "Ready for Visa Email". See extract below. "The processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada is almost complete. You must complete the following steps within 30 days in order for our office to issue your Confirmation of...