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  1. starnaenae

    Question about pr card replacement

    My husband lost his pr card so we applied for a replacement. Sent the last week of november. Today he received i guess an aor . does this mean the application is complete and nothing is missing? Anyone have experience as to how long after this the card is received?
  2. starnaenae

    Correct fees to pay?

    What is the right fee. One spouse no dependents and biometrics. 1125?
  3. starnaenae

    Survey from IRCC?

    hi all, I just received a survey from IRCC about a survey as the services we experienced while waiting for PR. It has been well over a year since landing.. the letter contained many different languages. I find it odd... is it legit? Anyone else get one this evening?
  4. starnaenae

    Mexico VO- pre arrival email to ppr

    how long did it take to get the ppr from the prearrival services email?
  5. starnaenae

    Sponsor name change

    i hanged my last name to my husbands recently - was waiting for my documents to expire to change it. Do i need to let the visa office know? Thanks!
  6. starnaenae

    Rejection - how long

    Delete post. We were approved within 24 hours
  7. starnaenae

    difference between security and criminality check... who conducts what?

    what is the difference between the security check and the criminality check in the background check? who conducts these checks?
  8. starnaenae

    PPR - passports in Canada

    Hi All, Looking for some advice... my husband is here in canada on a TRV and his son is included on his app (accompnaying child) however he is in the dominican... his passport is here with my husband. when we receive the PPR can we send BOTH passports to Ottawa or do they have to be sent to...
  9. starnaenae

    Steps in process?

    Does the background check start after eligibility is completed and determined good? Is this the last step in the process? Roughly how long does it take?
  10. starnaenae

    Extension... paper application

    Do we get an application number or acknowledgement of reciept for the paper applications?
  11. starnaenae

    Divorce certificates requested. Never was married before

    Cic requested divorce certificates however neither of us were perviously married. What can we do? They also requested a new schedule a but the one attached is from 2012. What to do?
  12. starnaenae

    Background check -- when

    When does the background check begin for outland? Is it done in mississauga or the local VO? How long do they check eligibility for?
  13. starnaenae

    Sponsor is pregnant... just found out. How do we notify cic?

    So im the sponsor and just found out im pregnant. How do i notify cic? Does this affect our application at all?
  14. starnaenae

    Review of eligibility

    What do they review? What makes one eligible? How long does that take?
  15. starnaenae

    uploading docs to MYGCKEY

    Hi all, i just uploaded schedule a onto my GCKEY and this is what it says: Uploaded - not submitted to IRCC Uploaded Filename: eIMM5669E.pdf Is this normal to say not submitted to IRCC? will this eventually change? Thanks!!!
  16. starnaenae

    change in status on my gckey?

    I just took a look at mygckey and i feel like the status changed in a couple of items in the table. one of them is the eligibility. it now just says this: We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements. i believe prior it said that my app was received and the next step was to...
  17. starnaenae

    Schedule A/IMM 5669

    Hi All, we were requested to upload schedule A today for my husband. i have a question though as the dates are MM-YYYY format and if two events happened in the same month, are we to enter the month twice? for example: Sept 2016 - Traveled to Toronto for 1 week to visit girlfriend Sept 2016 -...
  18. starnaenae

    2 aor1s?

    Hey all. I received two aors today. One addressed to be stating that the application for spinsorhip has been received and one addressed to my husband that states his application was received on behalf of his son??? I am very confused. The latter said that a document was missing and that i would...
  19. starnaenae

    forgot to include an entry to canada stamp from passport photocopy

    hi all, just sent my app and realized that we forogt to take a photocopy of the third entry stamp to canada in the passport... there are two included. how do i go about adding it? Thanks!!
  20. starnaenae

    Validating Forms

    Hi Guys, I am trying to validate IMM5669 and IMM008 and i get an error about the the "to date". This is for employment, even thought i marked "Ongoing" and co-habitating dates... he is still here so i cant put a date... and i cant validate the forms.. how do i go about getting the forms...