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    Soft landing

    Hi Guys, I am planning to do a soft landing soon and will return to Canada as a settler by the end of next year. For the process of soft landing should I carry goods to follow and goods accompanying list with me? If anyone who has recently done soft landing with or without these list can share...
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    Received CoPR , DS 160 related question

    Hi, I'm planning to do a soft landing in Canada via air, stay there for 2 days and leave to India for my H1B interview. While filing the DS160 I have to answer Are you a permanent resident of a country/region other than your country/region of origin (nationality) indicated above? Since, I'm...
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    Soft landing via air

    Hi Guys! I’m planning to land in Canada via air at Toronto airport from New York early in the morning around 8 AM and fly to India the same night around 10 PM and have some queries regarding that. 1. Do I have enough time to finish my paperwork? 2. Can I be asked how long I am staying in...