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    Spouse sponsorship

    Im in canada as a visitor and my wife is canadian so we are going to apply for a spouse sponorship within canada on the page it states that i am eligible to work while waiting for my application to be processed so when can i work ? Do i apply for a open work visa at the same time as...
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    Spouse sponcering

    Im Canadian and I'm going to be getting married in Chile then applying for a spouse sponsership for my husband I've heard the application process takes a long time so after we get married I'm applying for a temporary visa to stay living in chile while the sponser application gets processed then...
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    Moving to chile

    I want to move to chile from canada with my boyfriend and his family, what would I do to get the visa I need to move and work while there
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    moving to chile

    I am wanting to move to Chile to be with my boyfriend and his family, would I need a visa ? I would I apply ? would I be allowed to work while there ?
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    Traveling to South America

    I'm going to be traveling to chile to visit from Canada, I know My visa only lasts for 90 days but hoe do I go about staying longer ?
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    Getting married out side of canada to a non Canadian

    My boyfriend is currently living in chile while I am living in Canada, I'm will be going to visit him in chile and get married to him while I am there so then we can both come back to Canada. What forms or papers would we need to fill out and how would I go about doing that, Should I start them...