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    How to upload Pregnancy Deferral Letter to online account?

    Hello, My wife is pregnant, and we have decided not to do Xray. The doctor gave us letter and asked to Upload letter. I tried uploading via online account. But there is no option to submit. Has anyone been through this step and yes can someone please guide me how to upload docs? I tried...
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    CIC called my employer

    HI All, CIC called my employer, he was driving so said to call after an hour. They did not call till now. Do you know what questions do they usually ask about employment? Please do not ask me random questions, if you have any suggestions then kindly let me know. Thanks
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    BOWP process

    Hi guys, I have to apply for BOWP as my WP is expiring in 40 days. Can some one please tell me the process. I have applied for PR under EE 9 months ago. Have AOR ready. A detailed response would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Response from Agents after 6 months period

    Hi Guys, My application will pass Six months timeline in a week. I will call the callcenter in a week. I would appreciate if people can please share their experience with Agents and what kind of questions to ask them. Don't want their standard response. I heard some give feedbacks and some just...
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    Want to start a petition. Please provide Input!

    Hi all, I am planning to start a petition to Chris Alexander to look into this issue ASAP. Please provide your input in a paragraph form so that I can update my petition. I am planning to get this petition work done by Thursday and will share the link here. I just want to the CIC realize...
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    Incorporation address question

    Hello, I am filing my PR under cec soon. I am a BA analyst, NOC code 2171. My employer incorporation is a residential address. I work at client's office. My only concern is, will it matter that the employer address is a residential address? Please reply ASAP. I have to file my PR. Thanks,