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    Residency Time Calculator & Applying with Green Card

    Hello, I have two questions keeping in mind the new law - Once you apply for Citizenship, do they reask if you have applied for Greencard or in possession of a green card after ? Like is there a form, interview where you have to declare any changes ? - In case of residency calculator, I...
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    Accuracy of CBSA report ?

    Hello, I was calculating # of days in Canada and got my CBSA report. I have around 25 entries in the last 5 years. I am wondering how accurate is this report ? Can I 100% rely on it or there might be a chance where they haven't logged in an entry ?
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    CBSA report via email or postal mail ?

    Hello, Does CBSA also sends report via email or it has to be via postal mail ?
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    Sponsoring Sisters ?

    Hello, I am interested in knowing about requirements to sponsor Married sisters who are independent from Parents and have kids. They are above 18 so what's the best option ? I have been told about provincial programs but not certain on what's the reality ??
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    Working in USA and travelling back & forth every day

    If someone got a job in US and is travelling every day to US would those days count against physical presence in Canada ?
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    Process to bring a foreign worker to Canada

    Hey, I am interested in bringing a worker to Canada from Pakistan. He is related to finance and banking. His skill sets are unable to be found locally. I have the following questions - What is the best way to do it? - Is the immigration route better or work visa? - Secondly, what is the...
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    Accent Reduction ?

    Hey, Have any one tried or know of any place for accent reduction for immigrants ?
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    Benefits for new immigrants

    Hey, I am wondering what are the benefits of newly immigrant. Any tax exemption if you buy a car from US and bring it here or any fees exemption if you attend the college? Asking on behalf of some one.
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    Keeping Record of Residence

    Hey, I am wondering how do people who don't work in Canada and are dependable keep record of their residence in Canada. Example would be parents, house wife etc.
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    Difference in Basic Residence & Physical Residence

    I am yet unsure about these two terms. Basic Residence & Physical Residence. Can any one clarify these ?
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    Is visa from Pakistan issued with Colleges Admission Letter ?

    Hello, I was interested in helping cousin in getting admission here in Canada. Rather than a degree, I was more interested in Diploma/Certificate in technical field specifically Electrician. He is an Electrical Engineer. One of the myths that I have heard is they do not issue Visa if you get...
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    Work Visa Extension - Spouse Visa

    Hello, I graduated from a Masters Program and was eligible for a 3 years work permit but got 2 years instead. I applied for PNP along with my wife. I was expecting the application to be processed faster as promised but it has taken longer than expected. Now my work permit is expiring in less...
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    Work Permit on 1 Year Post Grad Work Permit

    Hey, I have a quick question. If some one comes to Canada to do 1 year Post Grad Certificate or Diploma, I believe he gets only one year visa . What happens if he completes it within 2 semester and less than an year? Does he still get 1 year work permit ?
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    PNP - International Students with Job Offer Stream - Ontario

    Hello, I have a question from people who went through the process of applying for PR through PNP - International Student with Job Offer Stream How was the experience and how much time did it took ? For people enrolled in 1 year degree, can they apply before even they have obtained work permit...
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    8 - 12 Months Masters Program in Toronto ( Missisagua)

    Hello, I am just wondering if you guys can highlight any Masters Program that takes 8-12 months to complete and is recognized by Provincial Nominee Program? Preferably, the program need to be in Mississauga.. I will appreciate responses since you guys might have done lot of research, These...
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    Getting job while Studying and applying for WP ?

    Hello, What happens if some one is studying and they are offered full time job. Employer is willing to do entire processing. Can he apply for Work permit on the same behalf ?
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    Off campus work permit & business ?

    Hey I could not find any proper answer to this question if you have an off campus work permit, are you allowed to do your own business while studying full time ?
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    Business while studying full time [ International Student ]

    Hey, Is it possible to be part of a business while you are studying full time ?
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    Forgot to attach visa to CIO ? What to do

    Hey I am in Canada and I forgot to attach my visa along with the application to CIO. Rest every thing is good. What do you guys suggest. Should I mail them visa or wait for them to request it ?
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    IMM5406E Spouse

    Hello, While filling for the spouse IMM5406, Should I mention my name in Principal or her ? This is the form which will carry her details