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    flight tickets and arrival

    where can i get the cheapest air ticket to Canada Pearson airport, and my course is starting on september 3rd in Humber college, how many days before do i have to arrive in Canada to manage things smoothly..please leave me your valuable comment
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    education loan from a non finincial bank in India

    i have applied for a education loan for humber college in a non financial bank. Is it true that colleges accept loans from some specfic bank only which are listed on their site. Now that my loan is approved i m worried that it might create some problem in VISA, plz give me some advice if it's true..
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    having trouble getting a loan for humber college

    i got my acceptance letter from humber college for wireless telecommunication post graduate father has some saving and i want rest of the amount as loan which is less than 7.5 in India they give loan without colletral if ur loan is under this amount asthey said...but...