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    COPR expired and extension

    Has anyone requested an extension, and received a response from IRCC on the next steps. I saw a post some days that IRCC was requesting details on stay, quaratine etc and recommending only permanent settlers at the time. Maybe we could discuss where we are with our application and the way forward.
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    Car purchase question

    I plan to soft land in April for a week and then come back to US. Finally, I am thinking of moving over sometime in the fall or same time next year. The car I have is a bit too old and has been giving troubles and now I have a transmission work to be done and I don't think it's worth it as the...
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    Biometric for spouse

    I,the primary applicant, received the request for biometric letter today. When should I expect to receive one for my accomonying spouse?
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    NOC 2173 ? help please

    Do the job duties look fine for 2173 ? • Collaborate with business users, vendors to determine the business requirements and scope. Identify and select appropriate technology solutions, including custom and off the shelf software that will meet business needs. • Work closely with Business SMEs...
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    older car - in a dilema

    We have a 2008 Honda with 120K miles on it. Our jobs are nearby so me and spouse are able to get by using just one car. The kbb value would be around 5K, It has the drl but we need new tires soon. We are thinking if we should upgrade with a newer model and then import the newer model or import...