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    Student Visa for Italian person visiting Canada

    Hi, need advise on Student Visa application. My friend is here in Canada as Visitor and wants to apply for study visa or work visa. Please advise which one is better option to apply for. His visitor visa is valid until 2021.
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    What happens if photo studio details and date of pic taken is missing

    hi our applicationnof inland spouse Pr for my wife got delivered to IRCC today itself and we were reading n just realised that her photo submitted in application does not bear photo studio name and the date of the pic taken. In guidelines it says your application will be rejected if photos do...
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    No NOA of recent year

    Hi, I wanted to know that i didn’t submit my NOA for 2017 as I had a work place injury and therefore had no regular income from July 2017. However i work for Insurance company as commission agent. In checklist it is mentioned that if you have do not have Noa then you should submit letter of...
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    Online PCC from India

    I applied and received PCC online from India in August 2018 for my wife and now applying for her inland PR in December 2018. Will the online PCC be accepted by IRCC
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    Regarding Validation of forms

    Hi, we are in big problem. My wife visited Canada in Nov'18 and we thought to apply for her inland PR and OWP. we hired one immigration consultant- she filled our forms and validated to generate barcode. But lately when she sent us other forms for sign off we realized there were few mistakes...
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    Current requirements for Inland PR application of spouse

    hello everyone, can any one please let me what are the current requirements (forms+ fees+ documents) along with time required for applying Inland PR application for my wife. She has TRV and planning to visit Canada in September end. To add, I am not employed for last 4 years. Thank you
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    what are the requirements for Inland PR

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. we got married in India in March and now my wife got her TRV from India. Can we apply her inland ? few q's- She should resign from her job before coming as visitor? or take leave come and resign from here? What questions would be asked to her at airport? we...