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  1. everydaydealer

    Canadian PR working for US company

    All, I'm right now in h1b and got PR in canada. Found a job in canada and going to move. Employer is a us based and will pay in usd.i will not have status in USA. Is it fine?
  2. everydaydealer

    Soft Landing Windsor Questions - PR

    All, Got my COPR. Now planning to do the Soft landing from USA. I live in Midwest so planning to drive and cross the windsor border. I have questions. 1. Declared car as accompanying in the future list. Still can i drive in my own car ? Car has loan and i dont have title yet 2. Jewelry -...
  3. everydaydealer

    NOC Questions

    All, Someone i know worked in NOC 2173 3 years ago after that working in a different profession but in EE applied with 2173 but in work experience mentioned both. is it okay ? I understand that since they going to get score of 3+ years in 2173 what ever job now doesnt matter and can be even...
  4. everydaydealer

    SINP and IRCC

    All, As early suggested by experts here. I have me as primary applicant in one profile - CSR 433 My wife as primary applicant in second profile - CSR 440 I just applied for SINP in my profile. If my wifes profile get picked up in next draw (i hope based on today's ITA) can i go and withdraw...
  5. everydaydealer

    SINP 2018 Open

    All, Please check its open. " The International Skilled Worker -...
  6. everydaydealer

    OINP Question

    Hi all, I created my EE profile back in November 2017 and my CSR was 381 but after my recent IELTS score on 29th December i updated it. Now waiting in pool with 433 score. I also heard Ontario announced they will picking additional profiles. Should i recreate my profile (as mentioned in...
  7. everydaydealer

    2018 Draw Prediction - Question

    All, We submitted EE profile during the last week of December with CRS of 440. What are the chances of getting picked ? and i was hoping that there will be a draw in first week of jan (3rd - Wednesday) but it didn't happen. Is there any place we can get the schedule of draws ? First time EE...
  8. everydaydealer

    FBI Clearance

    Hi, I got to know that FBI Clearance / Police certificate is valid for 12 months but is there a requirement not to leave the country or should get new one before submitting to the IRCC ?
  9. everydaydealer

    Express Entry Profile Question - Primary Applicant

    Guys, Please help in deciding the primary applicant between me and my spouse to get the ITA quickly. Me: IT experience - 10 years,Bachelors Degree,Living in the USA 31 years and getting the score of 433 Spouse: IT experience - 4 years, Bachelors Degree, Living in the USA. 28 years and...
  10. everydaydealer

    IELTS Score Best of two in Sections

    Hello, This might be the one of the FAQ in the forum but im not able to find any concrete answers. I have a good score in all sections but didnt get enough cic points. Thinking of doing IELTS again and ace in listening. Can i give one score from new test and other scores from old test ?