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  1. Beltex

    Question re: Current Travel Restrictions

    According to that we would need to show a) The child's mother is a PR and b) the relationship between child and mother. b) is not a problem, just a birth certificate I guess. a) is more problematic as the mother does not have a current PR card. She has an expired card, and a copy of her COPR...
  2. Beltex

    Question re: Current Travel Restrictions

    Can a non PR child (with an ETA) travel with their PR grandparents to Canada for more than 15 days. The child's mother is a PR but will not be traveling to Canada at the same time.
  3. Beltex

    PRTD application while PRC renewal application is ongoing

    You mentioned applying for PRTD by email, don't you still need to physically send your passport to have the document attached to it?
  4. Beltex

    Your Travels / imm5562

    If you travel a lot it would be very easy to miss a trip or two in the 10 years. Would they hold you for misrepresentation?
  5. Beltex

    Time lines?

    I can't view members timelines any longer is it still possible to?
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    Su The only investor scheme per-se is the Quebec one. Alternatives involve running or controlling a business to some degree. Suggest you look at one of the PNP business programs. Lots of info on here and the provinces own websites.
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    Misrepresentation- ban of 5 years

    Your lawyer is correct. Just put your hands up and be frank with them as to how you didn't know or weren't sure about the action against you even down to admitting you were plain stupid!
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    Misrepresentation- ban of 5 years

    If you were not arrested or convicted it should not affect your case if you disclose it. I would just add a letter of explanation stating at the time of your previous application you were unaware of the proceedings which is why you didn't disclose them. Honesty is the best policy.
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    Internal flight and quarantine requirements for newcomers

    No problem at all- did it last month myself!
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    Getting money out of a corporation bank account (Small business account) for personal use

    Don't know if they have a similar thing in Canada but in the UK you would have a directors loan account - you take money out and put it back in, runs like a bank account. So long as pay the ballance off no later than 9 months after the company's year end there is no tax to pay.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but current processing time is 5 months for a new card and even longer for renewals!
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    Travel without PR card

    I thought as much. The difficulty is you need to send your passport in to them to have the PRTD processed but you need your passport to travel otherwise I could have applied for the travel document before leaving for the UK and had it posted to a UK address ready to collect for my return. If I...
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    Travel without PR card

    I am a recently landed PR. Acordinding to CIC the wait time for PR card processing is 5 months. I need to travel back to the UK for a few days next month by which time I won't have a PR card. Question is can I return to Canada with my COPR because I would not be in the UK long enough to obtain...
  14. Beltex

    Dependant child for entrepreneur

    So if your visa exempt you get 6 months automatically when you arrive. Then if you want to stay beyond that because say your parent is sponsoring you for PR, you put an application in for the visitor record 30 days before the 6 months is up and that means you can stay till your PR is approved...
  15. Beltex

    Dependant child for entrepreneur

    How and when do you apply for a visitor record?
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    no degree and real world work experience

    There are quite a few entrepreneur/ business routes to residency mainly through the PNP (Provincial Nomininee Program) system. Most now require you to set up and run a business to an approved business plan and with a minimum level of investment (typically arround $150,000). Once the business is...
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    I know most people's height and eye colour doesn't change but it is normal for them to ask for updated info just prior to visa issue.
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    It would need someone with first hand experience to confirm but if it were a negative decision would the applicant not recieve a procedural fairness letter?
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    Copr Expiring June 20th, planning to do soft landing around 15th May from US land or by flight..?

    OK, in that case the rules are clear, you can't currently travel.