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    Family Sponsorship - Do I sponsor my parents separately?

    I am looking at sponsoring my parents, so should I be filing two different applications or just one? Do I fill IMM08 for my father and then my mother? I also have a brother whois over 18 and whom I cannot sponsor, so I need to fill his details under Additional Family member and additional...
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    2014 Parents Sponsorship

    In order to get ready for the parents' sponsorship in Jan 2014, I think the documents required and forms should be similar than before. I think only criteria has changed, so can someone please share what forms and documents were required when you applied for your parents' sponsorship?
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    BUFFALO APPLICANTS - File transferred to other VO due to Buffalo closing down

    For all those applicants whose files are currently at Buffalo or in the process of being transferred, lets keep in touch and update each other with our progress !!
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    3 years work reference letter for CEC

    When they are mentioning to include 3 years work reference letters, do they mean from Jan 2009-Jan 2012? Or do they mean the last 3 working years?
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    Address Disappeared from ECAS and then an update from the Visa Office

    If your address has disappeared from ECAS and you have got an update from your Visa Office shortly after that, kindly post.
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    BUFFALO APPLICANTS : ECAS - Address Disappeared?

    Did anyone's address disappear today on ECAS?
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    ECAS : Address Disappeared?

    My address from ECAS disappeared on December 17th. Did anyone else's address also disappear? I am just wondering if its it a technical update they might be doing, if so, everyone's address would have disappeared. But, if only a selected few have their address disappeared it means our files are...
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    Address disappeared from ECAS - December 17th

    My address disappeared from ECAS on December 17th.. Has anyone else's address also disappeared? I was wondering if it is a technical glitch and everyone's address has disappeared or selected few and the assumption can be made that our files are being worked on? Thanks
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    GCMS Notes - Mailing Address issue!?

    So, I just mailed in my GCMS Application and the address I used was Citizenship and Immigration Canada Narono Building 360 Laurier Avenue West, 10th floor Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1L1 According to I should have written Access to...
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    Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Designation

    I will be starting my CMA Program pretty shortly, and would like to form a study group where we can share ideas, thoughts and discuss. If you are either planning to enrol in the Canadian CMA Program or have gone through the process of the CMA Program, please do share your thoughts! :)
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    GCMS Notes - Worth it?

    For those who had ordered GCMS and have gotten their PR, did it help you predict the BF Date. I have heard people being not clear with the GCMS Notes, and there is no mention of the BF Date! So, if anyone can shed light on this, I would really appreciate it.
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    Medical Results have been received

    What does " Medical Results have been received " actually mean? Does it just mean that medicals have been entered and thats it? Or does it mean all our checks are fine and our file is in queue for final revision and should expect PPR soon ? Thanks
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    ECAS : Application Received vs IN Process

    What does the difference in E-Cas Status between Application Received and In Process Scenario 1: E-Cas Status is Application Received and when you click it says, We received your application for PR on .... Medical Results have been received Scenario 2 Ecas Status is IN Progress, when...
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    Please Delete !!

    Please Delete
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    Buffalo Processing Time - February Applicants

    Feb PNP Applicants to Buffalo, anyone got Medical requests? It seems that Buffalo is still sending AOR and Medicals for January?
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    Provincial Nominee- WP Extension Application problem

    I am currently on my post graduate work permit, which is an open work permit. I have been provincially nominated and also have a support letter from the provincial government to apply for the extension of my work permit. When I am mailing the application should I send it to the existing employer...
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    Do Identity cards need to be translated?

    Is it necessary that identity cards need to be translated? They are not in the checklist as one of the required documents but as mine is not in English does it need to be translated and notarised? Thanks
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    Provincial Nominee- WP Extension Online Application issue!

    I have recently been nominated and have also been given a work permit support letter. I tried applying online for the Work Permit extension but am stuck at a point. In one of the questions, it asked me if I have a positive LMO? I selected No. Next question asked me if I was in an occupation...
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    Employment letter: Should it be latest?

    I am applying under the SINP Students category, my company signed the form and also gave me the initial employment letter dated when I started! So, can this work or do I need a recent one saying I still work? The form is signed and dated for today which shows I still work though!
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    SINP - Student Category !!

    For those who have applied under this category, within the form 500-7 what is the employer supposed to write in number of positions? Anyone who applied under this category would like to share their time line? Thanks