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    Study permit extension, anyone who applied in April/March?

    I applied in April 11 and the wait is killing me. Please let me know which day you applied, whether it was approved or not and date of approval, plz.
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    Contacting CPC Vegreville

    Does anyone have the contact of CPC Vegreville (AB). They are really late on my study permit application (precisely 49 days, while CIC displays 34 days), and I wonder if there is any way to contact them directly other the IRCC phone number or webform. I already tried this two and the call...
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    Huge CIC Delay on permit extension HELP

    Guys, I applied online for a study permit extension on April 11, 2018 from inside Canada (precisely 48 days ago). I called CIC multiple times and send webform and still nothing. One of the times I called the call centre, the agent said that my application was on the Vegreville(AB) office, that...