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  1. echelon99

    [Applying PR thought OPNP) - Importance of police certificates?

    I applied for, received and submitted police certificates when I applied for study permit 3 years ago and came to Canada. Since then, I have not left Canada. If I just submit the PR application with the outdated (3 year) police certificates, a letter of intent explaining I have not left Canada...
  2. echelon99

    PGWP question

    Hi all, I finished my classes on Dec 2015 (it was a 28 month masters program). My current study and work (co-op) permit allows me to stay in Canada until March 31st. I applied for PGWP today from within Ontario, Canada. I applied online. Seeing as it probably won't make the 6 week deadline...
  3. echelon99

    Any successful CO-OP student visa applicants here? Please help

    So I applied for a study permit and mentioned the work requirement of my course. I also uploaded documents to support this in the 'Evidence of work requirement' section of the online application. Today I picked up my passport from CHC and only study permit is stamped inside. Also received...
  4. echelon99

    So apparently my application is in the 'screening' stage? (2 cents, anyone?)

    So I emailed CHC last friday regarding my application. I asked them what stage it was in, and that I only had 5 weeks to program start yet no news had been recieved. They send me back a medical request immediately. I happily finished up with my medicals, but got an email from them telling me...
  5. echelon99

    Scotiabank START RIGHT for int. student

    Recent landed international students in Canada, do you guys have any experience with Start Right @ Scoatiabank? Or any other banking service? Share you stories here.
  6. echelon99

    Do we get same VO when re-applying?

    Or do we get a different VO?
  7. echelon99

    Shocking visa REJECTION

    I applied online on 30th april, got my rejection letter today. My profile IELTS 8.0 Admitted to MBA @ Degroote, McMaster Working in Sri Lanka, Citizen of Pakistan The following reasons were ticked off in the checklist I am not satisfied you have sufficient and available financial resource I...
  8. echelon99

    Employment letter necessary?

    If my parents are supporting me (and their employment letters have been obtained), DO I HAVE to submit mine as well? (admitted into MBA program, so my SOP + study permit application will state I'm working, but do I have prove this with a letter?)
  9. echelon99

    Employment Certificate PLEASE HELP!

    Dear all, as many of your know submitting an employment certificate/letter is more or less required by CHC for most applications. While my parents will be sponsoring me, I will be heading out to do an MBA and I'm a Pakistani (although not applying from Pakistan). I already have an employment...
  10. echelon99

    SOP/Interview Question: Mention the PGWP?

    I've been told NOT to mention any plan whatsoever of working after graduating is not a good idea. HOWEVER, the VO is not stupid. They know the PGWP exists, I know it exists and they must be 80% positive every student will apply for it. So do you think ignoring it completely (saying I plan to...
  11. echelon99

    Travel History problem?

    Hi guys, got a question regarding possible travel history issue that MIGHT become problematic. I was on a work visa/resident visa for Sri Lanka (even though I'm a citizen of Pakistan) My visa for to expire Mar 10th. To get the extension of the resident visa, per company deadlines they did not...
  12. echelon99

    The future of Pakistani immigration to Canada [A serious discussion]

    Yesterday, I was discussing my upcoming course in Canada with a non-Pakistani friend of mine. The friend in question's father is non-Pakistani, like my friend, but his mother is from Pakistan and holds a Paki passport. He got very worried when I told him that Canada was my choice for where I'd...
  13. echelon99

    Police clearance certificates, how many times?

    I am currently applying for a study permit and finding the process of getting 3 police clearance certificates from 3 different countries a huge pain in the ass. Malaysian can take up to 6 months! Anyway, I'm wondering that provided I get my study permit, go and finish my degree, and then I will...
  14. echelon99

    Question: Police clearance - how many times? [Seniors!]

    I am currently applying for a study permit and finding the process of getting 3 police clearance certificates from 3 different countries a huge pain in the ass. Malaysian can take up to 6 months! Anyway, I'm wondering that provided I get my study permit, go and finish my degree, and then I...
  15. echelon99

    Expert opinions plz> What happens if I submit a passport expiring 2015?

    If the program ends 2016? Will I be given the study permit? What will be the procedure to renew study permit since passport is expiring Apr 2015 and program ends Jan 2016. Will I have to go through the whole study permit process again? Any other complications that might arise?
  16. echelon99

    Educational documents to show for visa

    So CHC wants all original education documents. I lost my A LEVEL certificate (still have O LEVEL). I was admitted into MBA, does that mean I only show relevant documents (college transcripts, bachelor degrees, gmat, ielts) or do they REALLY wants the A LEVEL certs as well?
  17. echelon99

    Applying with a non-machine-readable passport? [PK]

    Well obviously PK with all the problems these days about getting passport renewed. So how guys? Can I apply with my manual non-machine-readable passport?
  18. echelon99

    Land Valuations - Where? How? Who? PLZ PLZ HELP

    Hi guys, have some property in Lahore. Who do I contact to get Land valuation done? Where do they sit/where are the offices? How long will it take and what is the process? If I could get some numbers would be great!
  19. echelon99

    Offer letter sent by email

    My offer letter was sent to me through email, apparently the university does not issue paper-based offer letters anymore. How do I submit it with the application (asking for original + copy)? Print out a color copy or 2 copies? And if I need to get copy notarized, what will the person...
  20. echelon99

    Submitting SOP in addition to study plan?

    I've been told to fill out a study-permit application questionnaire. it addresses topics such as course duration, how did I learn of the course and why Canada. My Q is, is it wise to submit a SOP in addition to the study plan? [Applying for CHC Colombo]