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  1. canadatraveldocument

    Visting USA

    Hi all , i got my Canadian citizenship, and i want to go USA for vacation ,but in bakchome when i got visa to USA and i came to US but instead to return back-home i decided to come to Canada and apply asylum-seeker ,after i got my PR i went to US consular in Toronto to get visa but they refused...
  2. canadatraveldocument

    First time apply Canada Passport

    Hi guys how ever had experience, i just got my citizenship , i have plan to apply for Canadian passport , i know i need tow references and one guarantor , but my question is do my guarantor has to be or not? practicing a profession such as: judge dentist pharmacist veterinarian police officer...
  3. canadatraveldocument

    Canada Travel Document

    Hi guys , My question is If I apply for Canada Travel Document is immigration officers will bother me or delay my citizenship? while I'm having my citizenship interview with them because they always ask to show your passport and if I don't show my homeland passport what gonna happen? because...