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    status change from visitor to worker

    i have a question , if someone's PG work permit is expired and he has visitor permit now and he is waiting for csq then after getting csq ,is he eligible for close or any type of work permit with csq and any offer letter from quebec? and he can change his status from visitor to work permit? If...
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    change status from visitor to worker

    I want to know that some one can stay and live inside Canda while waiting for PR without any other valid status? (work,visitor,study) . I am waiting for csq under arima and my PGWP is expired and i am on visitor visa so once i get CSQ then can i live and stay in canada after submission of my...
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    waiting for csq

    Please i have a question ,i applied for csq in august 2017,recievd document request in april 2018 and submitted documents in april 2018 ,after i am still waiting for csq ,my work permit and visa is going to expired in jan 2019 ,i am so upset can i extend my visa or work permit before getting csq...