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    July 2020 PR Card New or Renewals

    This is for new or renewal July PR Card applications. I applied for PR card for the first time on July 1. It was received but no updates since then.
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    Renting as a new PR but without work or proof of income

    where can I find a place to rent that does not need proof of income?
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    International student to Domestic student after PR approval

    Has anyone here been able to change tuition rate from international to domestic after PR approval while the semester is still going on?
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    PR Card - First Card Processing

    As of 14 July 2020, new PR card processing time is 128 days. Anyone still waiting for their first PR card?
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    COVID-19 CoPR process question

    For those who recently got their CoPR, did IRCC call you before getting issued a CoPR?