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    EE education history question

    I am very confused about the education history section. 1. Do I have to include the school that I did not finish? Here is my education background. School A (University) : went 2 years only instead of 4 years School B(College): went to school for just one english course to trasnfer credit to...
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    Do I need Malaysian PCC?

    I am currently living in Canada and I am very confused whether I need Malayisan PCC or not. When I looked at the CIC website, it showed the following: If you have lived in Malaysia for more than one year, follow the directions above for citizens of Malaysia who live outside of Malaysia. If...
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    Question regarding upfront medical exam

    Hi, I took my medical exam in October 2019 and I know that the medical exam result is valid only for one year. If I get an invitation to apply for pr this week and submit all the necessary documents, will I need to take another medical exam again in the future? Thank you.