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    W1 Work Permit Extension

    I am currently inside Canada and I have a w1 closed work permit that expires in August 31, 2020; I currently don't have another job to apply for but i am wondering if should apply for to extend my visa or apply for a new visitors visa to remain in canada. Thanks in advance
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    Asylum Claim if denied Asylum in USA

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if it’s possible to apply for asylum in Canada if your asylum claim in the USA has been denied. I’ve heard that it’s not possible anymore but I want to make sure. I would like to know if it’s possible in the two following scenarios: 1. claim asylum at an...
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    TFW In Canada with expied WP

    I know of someone that had an employer specific work permit (closed permit) and it expired and he didn’t exit Canada before the expiry date. Being still currently inside Canada, for longer than 90 days (restore status period), can he apply for a new work permit under a new LMIA, or any other...
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    Refugee Claimant Applying to Pilot Programs

    Good Evening, I wanted to know if it's possible for a refugee claimant who has not yet gone to their hearing to apply for any immigration pilot programs such as the AIPP, RNIP, Agri-Food Pilot, etc Thank you in advance for your responses.
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    Studying ESL in Canada

    Good morning everyone, My friend is looking to come study ESL in Canada And I want to make sure she has enough funds for her application to be approved. I understand normally, when people apply for any post grad program, there is a 10k GIC required but I am wondering how much is required for...