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    COPR for CEC Inlands

    Hello everyone, hope you’re well?. I hear that IRCC have started sending PR activation mail for inland folks(I mean people that didn’t receive prior PPR). Anyone that falls in this category should please indicate on this thread. Thanks
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    License to practice as a Pharmacy Technician

    Hello, Sorry my question is not immigration related but i’m just checking if I can get some information. Has anyone here who is an international trained Pharmacist tried starting their career as a Pharmacy technician in Canada? What were the steps? How do I get materials for the exam, Is it...
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    CELPIP study materials

    Hello guys, Can someone pls help me with CELPIP study materials? It’s urgent pls..
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    PR Applicants with Canadian Kids

    Hello everyone, I was filling my information on my express entry account earlier today and there’s somewhere I was asked for UCI number for my kids, at this point I realized I shouldn’t have added them to the application since they are citizens and don’t need PR. The system won’t process their...
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    Express entry checklist?

    Hello guys I’m just curious, does CIC provide a checklist after ITA? How does one know the documents to submit, I have seen here time and again, people being rejected because some documents were not submitted, hence my question.
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    Express entry account issues

    Hello everyone I already did express entry self assessment and my CRS score was 467.I recently got my ECA from PEBC and entered the information to my account but my score is 452.I checked the breakdown and found out i was not awarded points for Canadian education but I have Canadian education...