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    Automatic renewal of CAQ because of Covid-19

    Guys, is it true that the Quebec government has decided to renew the CAQ of students who is going to graduate between April and August till the end of this year because of Covid-19 situation?? How about the study permit?? Could I use my current CAQ ( will be expired in August) to apply for a new...
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    One study Permit for 2 back to back Post Graduate program

    Hi guys, Has anyone got 1 study permit for 2 back to back Post graduate programs? Could that be done or I need to get each for each program?? Thank you!
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    Post-graduate online program is eligible for Study Permit/PGWP??

    Hi guys, I understand that they will not proceed a study permit for distant learning program. But considering that I have to register for this program now, and there is no information whatsoever regarding the current lock-down situation, do you think I can argue this with them?? This program is...
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    Got a passport request today.

    Hi guys, Here is my timeline November 27th: Applied online December 3rd: Biometric done December 23rd: Medical request January 1st: Medical exam passed January 3rd: Passport Request Do I have a good chance to get my visa? And how long should it take to get another update at this stage? My...
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    Length of a program?

    Hi guys, For some Graduate Diploma programs, it is not clear what the length of a program is. it just states that students have a certain amount of years to finish it ( Normally 1-2 years) So I wonder if someone has done this, and what should one expect for PGWP if they register in one of...
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    Am I eligible under FSWP?

    Hi, My case is I did a 2 years degree in cegep and gonna be finishing my 3 years bachelor degree soon. I am planning on doing a post graduate program, and applying for FSWP as soon as I got my bachelor degree. So my questions are: 1. I do not know if I have to get a post graduation work permit...