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    Need to make sure my academic eligibility for NOC

    Hi there, I am interested on Rural and Northern Immigration program 2019. I want to apply from outside of Canada. According to a job offer is must and from any of 11 community and you have to get a recomendation also. Now for my case, my NOC code is 2133. That is...
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    Current information for provisional nomination

    Hi there, Hope thing going nice with you. Could you kindly share updates about provisional nomination programs starting from 2019 december or begining of 2020? Kindly share the exact link!
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    Electronics Engineers job

    Hello there, I am an electronics hardware engineer by profession. Staying long distances from Canada. Wish to get a job in Canadian global companies. Online application is wasting of time. Beside Express entry application, could you suggest me how to proceed there? I mean suitable job...
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    Is it possible to get a job in Canada ?

    Hello There, I am asking some questions that could make you laugh, it might be a silly question. Lets assume, I dont know about anything in this forum. 1. Do any Canadian company invite foreign Engineer ? 2. If so, is there any possibilities to get invitation ? 3. Beside Express Entry, whats...
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    Can I migrate with Express Entry ?

    Hi, I have plan to migrate Canada in Express Entry with a job.. Let me know, I am eligible or not ;D. Here is my profile. Age-32+ Profession: Electronics Hardware Engineer. Degree : B.Sc in Physics(home country) and Masters in Electronics and Electrical Engineering(aboard). Work Experience: +5...