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    Parent Sponsorship 2018 / issues with recent Covid-19 and Parents COPR and landing May 2020

    I am in the same situation . Parents COPR going to expire on May 23,2020 . But the travel ban is untill June 30, 2020
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    Procedural fairness letter - medical grounds - need advice for lawyers

    creatinine is lower than the last test it's 2.21 now last time it's 2.5 and also he is CKD4.
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    Just to add most of these students flunk in the speaking part as these colleges didn't put much emphasis on it.
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    RE Medical awaiting PPR 2018

    Do i have to wait for cic to send me a remeds request or i can do it on my own?
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    Adding Spouse and Child after getting CSQ or not

    It took him almost a year to get everything done CSQ and Federal Visa. Now it’s been already 4 months since he is in Canada
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    CSQ to Obtain an Open Work Permit in Quebec

    why didn't you get your open work permit after you finished your studies? Or did you try and it was not approved?
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    Visa Processing Time - Temporary Foreigner Worker Program

    We have applied from India and it says 8 weeks processing time. Don't think GTS makes any difference. Some people get it within 2 weeks too though.
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    Why are people going over the 20 picture limit?

    when i applied myself i strictly stuck to 20 photos but then i got my documents back for some reason. so i have 15 pages of word document with 107 pics. lol
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    DM after spousal sponsorship interview Jan 2020

    What were the "minor issues of misrepresentation"?
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    Mistakes on application forms that have already sent?

    I put my signature on a form that should have been my husband's. how do u do case specific inquiry ? plz help
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    Adding Spouse and Child after getting CSQ or not

    I applied for immigration under Quebec Skilled Worker and I received my file number a month ago.
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    Changes in application post ITA

    I am working for a private company which deals with the waste water of various food industries.
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    CEC - PR application is currently in queue for review by an officer.

    my work permit is very short. any idea about after this happens we will get a positive result or negative. Really appreciates everyones time and effort
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    inland landing interview question

    I landed 2 weeks ago but they didn't give me back my passport . afraid that get lost !!!! cant find any way to call them any idea?
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    Appropriate NOC Code for Operational Risk Professional

    I saw this post from you and I wanted to ask what NOC code you eventually settled with. I am also an operational Risk analyst in a bank, but I have difficulty deciding on which NOC to choose. I have worked in various risk management positions in the last 4 years but i have been in Ops risk unit...