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    My Canadian Banking Experience: BMO, RBC and TD

    Hi, I landed and opened an account with TD. The whole process was quite smooth, I walked into the branch, they asked me what I was looking for and they set up an appointment for me the next day. Next day after about 2 hours with them I walked out with 4 accounts set up, a debit card, cheques and...
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    New Immigrant - Got G License Easy

    Hello, I used to fret over how to get the Canadian driving license after moving here. Turns out it wasn't really much of a hassle. I'm from Pakistan and have about 20 years of driving experience. You only need 2/3 years for attempting the full G. I made sure my Pakistani driving license was...
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    Is Canada Child Benefit, Welfare ?

    Hello, I'm in the process of moving to Canada with my family of 3 young children. I'm a little confused about the Canada Child Benefit, is it welfare ? I'm asking because I chose Canada over every other country as I liked the people and the country's culture. I'm not immigrating to be a...
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    Got PR but came back home. Do I have to file taxes ?

    Hello, I moved to Canada this October with plans to settle down but had to leave after about 45 days due to family commitments back home. While I was there I opened a bank account and transferred about 500,000 in CAD and USD as I intended to buy a home. However I could not do that and flew...
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    My Landing Experiance in Montreal and About Montreal

    Hello, I used to read quite a few threads on this forum and others during my immigration process. Learned quite a bit. I landed recently and thought I should post a write up of my experience here to help other though the anxious process of immigrating. I flew from Qatar Airways as it fly's...
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    Bringing a Million $CAD when landing, any tax implications ??

    Hi, I'm landing in Canada soon, my family had a decades long property litigation with a distant family member and since I was moving to Canada and didn't want to leave unresolved issues behind we settled out of court with both parties agreeing to sell the property under litigation and...
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    Landing Papers almost here! Should I land alone or with family ?

    Salams, After a long process expecting landing papers in the next two weeks ! :D Am a Quebec Investor so will be landing in Montreal. Since most of you guys have gone though this settlement process, I would appreciate any advise on if I should land alone for the first time or with my wife and...
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    Need advice on Transport with lots of luggage from Montreal airport to downtown

    Landing in Montreal soon with 10 suitcases and 3 young kids. I'm confused on how to go from the airport to my hotel in downtown. Surely no cab will be able to carry 10 large suitcases and 3/4 carry on's with a family of 5 in tow. I have no friends or family in Montreal. Need advice. TIA.
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    Quebec Investor, Can I give Ontario address for PR cards when landing?

    Hi, I'll be landing in a few months and there is some confusion about if I can give *any* Canadian address for delivery of my PR cards when landing or only a Quebec address ? Some places I've read any Canadian address is fine, some places it says Quebec has different rules and a Quebec...
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    Quebec Investor TimeLine

    Hi everyone, been reading for a while, thought I'd join in and share my timeline and ask a question or two. I'm from Pakistan, applied as an Investor ($800,000) in May 2012, HK office. Went to Hong Kong and gave interview in November 2013. Got acceptance letter about 10 days later and...