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    Tax Return for newcomer

    Hello everyone, We are Canadian PRs. Landed on 23rd of July in Alberta. We want to apply for benefits, could you please help us with the following: 1. How to apply for Alberta Child Benefit and Alberta Family Employment Tax credit? The government says that one is automatically considered for...
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    PR card issuance

    HI All We have not been able to provide address at the airport for PR cards to be sent. Once we got permanent address, now we are trying to fill "Address notification" form via link, however, system says it cannot find our data in...
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    Landing POF

    Hi All, Some people are asked to provide POF during the Landing at point of entry in Canada. Can you advise, how "fresh" should be the bank statement for the officers to be satisfied? Thanks!
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    PCC from Iraq

    Hi All The Iraqi Embassy issued a letter saying that " the embassy does not have any negative information" on me during my stay. Now Iam not sure if this suffice for Canada, since pcc should indicate criminality absense status. Embassy said it cannont issue such letter. Pls advise and thanks.
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    pcc exemption

    Hi All Just had my MEP and BIL received. I had also a request to submit Original PCC from the country I was not able to obtain one. In my application I have attached LOE with Embassy email and my employer'e email. So I did not attach PCC for a given country. I wonder, if IRCC is not satisfied...
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    POF for EE

    Hi All I am planning to re-submit my EE Application. Is there requirement to have bank statements up to date? Mine is 2 months old, is this ok or will rise a red flag? I am away from home, on a B trip.
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    POF for EE

    Good Day All Please advise, I have received my EE ITA but do not really have POF (cash) but have an apartment and small business to sell. Apartment is not an option for now, as I intend to give it to my parents. I I sell the business, should I be able to use the money as POF, so, there will...
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    ITA reject

    Dear All I received ITA but have only 30 days left to submit all docs. Ive just returned from B-trip, I am struggling to get Police Certificate from Iraq which will take a lot of time. My question is, if If I drop/reject EE ITA now, may be able to participate in the next round right away or...
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    Adress History II -EE residenship

    Hi All Should I mention all addresses such short stays in hotels during the layover or transit periods ? I have many (over 30 in 10 years!) stays like 1 or 2 days in hotels or airbnbs, just wondered if I have to mentioned all of them as well.... cheers!
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    EE Adress History

    Hello Everyone, EE profile asks to fill adress history for 10 years. Problem is, I have a permanent adress (home adress) and also a work adress as I work on a rotational basis. Meaning I spend one month at the field and next month at home. Work adress does not have proper street number/name etc...
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    Travel History-EE Profile

    Dear forum, I have worked overseas on a rotational basis, meaning traveling to one particular country every other month and spent there almost 10-12 months. Should I mention every visit to this country ( there will be like 5-6 visits ) with specific airport stamp dates or just indicate first...
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    Residenship Profile - Experience

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if somebody experienced. I have worked in Iraq (oil industry) and I am going to mention that in the profile. However, I am worried that this experience might lead to security checks for several months or years. So my questions are: 1. Should I provide Letter of...
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    Adress history

    EE residenship profile asks to provide an adress history for 10 years. I have changed about 10-12 adresses in that period and do not remember the dates and even adresses itself (street numbers etc.) Is it ok to approximate or generalize ?