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    Hello, Passport tracking timeline : Passport Delivered: 19th Feb CIC Status updated to approved: 5th March Tracker: No Update COPR Delivered: No Update @Here for anyone got the passport tracker activated who got the approval after March 2nd ? I am waiting from March 5th no response or update yet.
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    October 2018 AOR - join here

    Hello, I tried to add my self to the Whats app group but seems like its full. AOR : October 25th @admin, Can you add number : +1 623 216 7716
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    India PCC from SFO

    Hello... in recent times, did anyone received INDIA PCC in US within 3 weeks (those who sent through mail) ? Passport issued in INDIA.
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    India PCC from SFO

    Hello, I have applied for India PCC in USA (SFO) yesterday, and unfortunately due to some issues I need to improve my IELTS score for which I booked the exam on June 30th (I just realized that date). Before that date Can I get my passport with India PCC ? SLA seems to be 3-4 weeks. any...
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    Ray of Hope - 84th Draw

    Hello group members, Did anyone accepted the NOI this year 2018 from this group ? What’s the current SLA for NOI approval ? More than 60 days ?
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    Ray of Hope - 83rd Draw

    What’s the cureent processing time for ONIP? More than 3 months ?
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    Ray of Hope - 83rd Draw

    Hello, just need suggestion - I created my profile on Jan9th 2018, with CRS score 434. Got ONIP NOI on 26th Jan. Do I really need to go for IELTs again to improve the score or accept ONIP ? How much time I have to accept ONIP- is it 14 days or 45 days?