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  1. Danial k.k


    If online payment would be charged 2 to 3 times on same order id but different transaction id , what should we do now ? because it happened so much time with me and my friends
  2. Danial k.k

    WES vs IQAS - reviews?

    Hello everyone , i have applied for ECA through IQAS , I ve sent the files to the IQAS mailing address , but now i ve received the return receipt through email , what does this receipt means ?
  3. Danial k.k

    Ontario PNP (OINP) - 2017: Join here

    Oh it means, i 'll ve to wait for a long time, hmmm ok thank you so much dear:)
  4. Danial k.k

    Ontario PNP (OINP) - 2017: Join here

    Hello everyone , I am nominated for Ontario Nomination program ,but due to current registration limit and no additional registrations i am unable to register myself for OINP , what should i do now ? anyone knows about the exact date of registrations again ?