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    Entering US on different passport than previously

    Have been taking trips to US using a passport plus B1/B2 visa for many years now. Upon getting the Canadian citizenship and passport, the plan is to use the latter to enter US on subsequent trips. The 1st time entering with a new passport(Canadian) - will it become a hassle(questioning, pulled...
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    Question #13: on Citizenship application

    Thanks dpenabill, for weighing in on this. Your analysis is appreciated. And yes, I am even more so inclined not to make a big issue out of this anymore, since all those details about me living&working in another EU country were also captured in the PR application at the time. Moreover, should...
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    Question #13: on Citizenship application

    So then, if I left out a country for question 13 for reason mention in my post above, although the country it is mentioned in address and work history, do I need to let them know via webform? My test/interview invite should be coming any moment now. Not sure if sending them this update would...
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    Question #13: on Citizenship application

    No one there that can provide information on this, ideally from experience? Just realized I am in same boat with my application already IP for some time, and wondering mostly about potential impact/consequences... I interpreted question 13 similarly: either some long term work or PR visa, or...
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    Citizenship application: error in mailing address by IRCC

    Exactly same issue here, but I am choosing to ignore it as the correct address appears on AOR letter. Must be a glitch in how their systems are syncing with each other. Ecas has proven highly unreliable ever since PR app. Of course, the hard evidence will be if/when I receive 1st letter in mail..
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    Phone call from CIC?

    yes, a lady case officer called with private number when I had a pending PR card app to verify some data that she found 'confusing'.
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    September 2018 - Citizenship Applicants

    guys, first - sorry if this has been answered before but I wasn't successful in finding answer by search: when you file a family application, can each included applicant (e.g., husband & wife) track their own ECAS status, or is it just for one person - the one on the fee payment receipt, or...
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    US Visa

    Checking in does not mean anything, maybe boarding would. Otherwise, I can just checkin and then leave the airport and happily overstay my visa because I left US by checkin, so no one knows I am still in US because I did not actually board the plane.
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    Short Landing - No Address, Options?

    Good luck with believing that. I know personally of many such unsuccessful cases. Would be (positively) surprised to hear of any positive experiences. However, an UPS box bearing a fake residential address would probably work without an issue.
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    Short Landing - No Address, Options?

    PR Cards have not and will not be sent to PO BOX address. On top of that they are not forwarded to any address (envelope has a big "do not forward" stamp on them so the post knows that).
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    PR application renewal after a decade

    As Rob_TO susaid, no. Because, a PR visa that's not activated by the deadline indicated at the time of issuance, becomes void. She would have to start fresh with a new application as far as I understand from your description.
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    E-sign rental agreement

    Province shouldn't matter. Best of luck!
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    E-sign rental agreement

    Just some heads up, based on my own previous experience last year. While e-signing contracts (from rental to purchase) is perfectly valid & legal and all that, you are likely to face issues with using that as proof of address. Because you see, most of procedures and mentality at these government...
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    Indian female looking for apartment/room in GTA- pref furnished +short term

    Have you tried Craigslist/Kijiji/local classifieds? It'd probably be easier and without getting your messages hijacked.
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    If they match your contribution, you would basically lose money they would otherwise give it to you. The choice in that case should be a no brainer!
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    Very very urgent issue

    What is the purpose of your question, actually? If you return before the expiry date there's, obviously, no issue.
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    Reissue PR CARD - if error from CIC

    If you're talking about IMM5530: takes approx. same time as a PR Card renewal. The worst part however is that there's no e-cas or anything like that. Or at least it did not use to be.
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    Correction on Permanent Resident Card (More than 6 Months old)

    It's been discussed a few times here and also documented on CIC website. First and foremost, is the typo also present on your COPR? If yes, you must get that corrected 1st. You find application kit on CIC website, duration being ~ 6 months. Only then, if they approve this and make correction...
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    Income for Living in Montreal and other cities

    It depends if you want to live in a posh neighborhood or are OK with ghetto, or if you are OK with frozen pizza all day long or want organic meals. Hence, calculate it yourself based on individual costs. You could use this: for Toronto. For the...