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    It is also quite possible that many of these cases involve spouses that were declared before and who were previously examined when the sponsor came to Canada. That would significantly reduce processing time. There are many factors at play.
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    dependent child

    No this isn't likely to be an issue.
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    Confused form eimm5669

    If u send the wrong one in it will definitely be returned. They accept old and new of the same form. These two forms are not the same, they would both be up and they wouldn't have different names if they were. . And the instructions say which ones go with sponsorship category. I would not take...
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    "not declared child on his PR application"

    What do you mean you weren't able to declare them? As a foreign worker applicant all you needed to do was write their names down and show proof and if you could not provide proof explain why. I've seen so many people here saying they didn't declare their kids for whatever reason and I just don't...
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    Confused form eimm5669

    There are two forms IMM5669 but they specify which one to use for which applications. To the best of my understanding IRCC added a second IMM5669 form in this month but kept the previous version as well for certain categories of application. You can find both versions listed at the link below...
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    ***KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)***

    Since you've never lived together you obviously wouldn't have had joint leases and utilities. That's not a problem. The instructions are to provide one document from any 3 of the 6 categories listed so you still have 4 categories to work with to provide documentary support of your relationship
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    ***KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)***

    OK First I noticed that this a 2016 form. I'm pretty sure its not the most recent version. There's an April 2019 version that you should be using.
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    Wedding Photos

    You are able as a citizen to sponsor your wife for PR but be prepared to demonstrate that you will return to Canada once she's been approved. If you don't have photos from your wedding just write a letter explaining that and try to provide photos of your relationship over time especially with...
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    ***KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)***

    I'm not sure what specific checklist item you are referring to but off the top of my head this would only apply to you if you are trying to prove that while you do not live together now you have in the past. If you specify the specific section of the checklist you may get a more helpful answer.
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    It means they made a decision. You wont know what that decision is until you receive the email.
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    Undeclared dependant

    Sorry to say but the time to have asked for help was before you left your daughter off the application. Listing her and writing a letter of explanation would have been enough. No one would have cared about her having a different father and agents see these kinds of family situation all the time...
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    Question for IMM1344e | *Status in Canada?

    By process of elimination you aren't Canadian by birth or decent so yes you are a naturalized Canadian.
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    Why don't they hire more people to handle immigration cases?

    Quite frankly the OP is not interested in reason or facts. Not all spouses are able to find work right away either because they lack the skills required in the area where the live or the educational qualifications. It's naive to think that they'll be able to work on day one. At least with the...
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    Why don't they hire more people to handle immigration cases?

    14 days is not the standard processing time for PR under express entry. I understand that there are people who apply to come to Canada and are anxious about the process but Canada does not owe any applicant permanent residence in it's country for any reason and as a sovereign country, Canada...
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    Anyone else waiting on CPC-Mississauga to review additional documents?

    There's no specific time in which they will review whats submitted. All you can do is wait and see. Good luck.
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    Address of cohabitation confusion - please help!!!

    Over 50 isn't an immigration category. I've attached a link that can help you figure out what would work best for your particular situation which involves much more than your age. Good luck!
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    There is no specific time frame to receive request. Its a process that takes 12 months on average for most applications and you are not even a month in. Be patient.
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    You can find all forms and guides here and check the dates against the dates on the forms you have.
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    Address of cohabitation confusion - please help!!!

    I'd use whatever is on the lease. I don't think its as confusing as you think it is and if correspondence go to 123 Union Street, the officer wont worry about it not saying Unit A.
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    Does Sydney Nova Scotia office process applications

    When I applied for PR there was no movement on my application for months. Then the next February I would get an update and a request for additional information every Sunday until finally I got PPR on March 1. It seemed from my end that they did everything in one month. I say this to say that...