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    what happens if I know who took my PR Card from me?

    Come on a man. Knock on her door and demand your property being handed over immediately.. ;)
  3. foodie69

    Retired and wanting to move to Canada

    Oh boy..go to Florida, it's nice and warm there.
  4. foodie69

    My LMIA Has Just Been Approved.

    There are no jobs here on the forum. Don't waste your time.
  5. foodie69

    Citizenship application lost

    Just relax..continue with your life and don't think of it. It will happen.
  6. foodie69

    Child born abroad to PR

    Give birth in Canada.. problem solved
  7. foodie69

    Someone help me immediately!!

    Why don't YOU google it??
  8. foodie69

    Work Permit- Regulation Regarding Jewellery

    Why would anyone care how much jewelry you bring?
  9. foodie69

    I want to know that's true or not

    You don't..simple. You learnt your lesson, move on and don't ever do it again.
  10. foodie69

    Planning to immigrate to Saskatchewan

    Just google will find a lot of information. How's the weather? If you love snow, go for it.
  11. foodie69

    Getting car loan or lease as temporary resident?

    Why not ask that question at a dealership of your choice? It is probably more reliable than asking us here on an immigration forum..
  12. foodie69

    Residency Obligation: PR Holders : Confused

    You may want to google your PR have rights and duties being a permanent resident.
  13. foodie69

    Form for autorized to USA

    How can WE know what you signed if you did not read it?
  14. foodie69


    Why are you worried? Any illegal stuff on there?
  15. foodie69

    IMG in Canada : How are you surviving?

    So you are calling Canadians lazy and stupid?
  16. foodie69


    Good for you..what is your question?