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    Processing time for Open work permit?

    It will be approved 4-5 months from the time you submitted the original application package.
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    cancelled SIN

    1. No. 2. No. 3. CIC does not tell them. The student needs to know the rules and determine if they are allowed to work or not. 4. Employee 5. Service Canada
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    TRV refused two times for Redseal exam

    Instructions on how to apply are here:
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    Private Sponsership Group Of Five in Uganda Kampala

    Processing times are around 2 years for private sponsorship applications. So you should expect it will be a year to a year and a half before you have an approval letter. Good luck.
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    I am most likely a Canadian Citizen, but I can't prove it.

    That's inaccurate. Read up on the crown servant rules.
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    Noc 0125 LMIA Approved, Work permit from India with Spouse and Child, should we start packing?

    Definitely wait until all of the visas have been approved before you quit your jobs or start packing or sell your house. Good luck.
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    Federal Skilled Worker Program

    Is your job offer supported by an approved LMIA?
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    Please help

    You will have to wait until April 2023 to sponsor him and there is no means for him to obtain a work permit through you between now and then. There are no exceptions to these rules. Hopefully you were never previously in a relationship with this old friend - and specifically never lived with...
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    How do I get a bookkeeper or accountant job in Canada?

    If you want to take a course, take it at a public college. That will be far better for your resume than some random training provider that no one has ever heard of.
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    Crs score 335 with noc code 2173

    Make sure you have maxed out your language test results to get the highest scores in this category. Take higher level schooling to increase your score.
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    Work Permit question for best option

    Information on who can apply for an open work permit here: An LMIA is required for each individual job. An employer doesn't just get one LMIA approved and then issue as many job offers as they want. They have to get an LMIA...
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    Work Permit question for best option

    In order to qualify for a work permit to Canada, you need to find an employer in Canada who is willing to give you a job offer and who is also willing / able to obtain an approved LMIA. Once the LMIa is approved, you would then be able to apply for a closed work permit linked to that specific...
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    This is almost certainly a scam.
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    Visa Refused - Please help

    Your SOP is way way way too long. You need to cut most of that out and stick to key points.
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    Where to move - Neighborhoods in Toronto

    I don't know the closest. I'm sure a google search will tell you.
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    Super visa - renewal

    1. She can certainly apply early. I would wait another couple of months. 2. Visa cannot be issued beyond the expiry date of her passport. 3. No - her existing super visa will not become invalid if she renews her passport. No - this won't have an impact on her ability to get a new super visa.
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    Moving to Canada before received COPR

    The short answer is no. You cannot "move" to Canada on a TRV - you can only do that once you have the COPR. If you try to move to Canada on a TRV, you could very well end up with problems at the border. However if you want to try, you would want to come with a return ticket and very minimal...
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    Starting a career as machine learning engineer

    I think you would need to dedicate a few months of serious study if you are already quite comfortable with programming. From what I know of the industry, you probably won't be able to get a job in machine learning directly. You would want to secure a job in analytics for a while, gain experience...
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    Starting a career as machine learning engineer

    Do you know any programming? If so, which languages and do you have beginner or expert knowledge? Employers are not going to train you. You have to come into the job already having the skills required. EDIT: Rereading your post it looks like you may have basic programming experience. You need...
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    Visa Approval Chances for short term Course

    Did you apply for a TRV or a study permit? Since this course is less than six months only a TRV is required.