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    Is there any age requirement for study visa in Ontario?

    Sure why not 33 is no age and people older apply. To get a study permit though will need a solid case why needs to come to Canada after an MSc, course will need to be relevant both to qualifications/work experience , how any course will improve prospects on returning home plus of course ability...
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    Re-issue of PR Visa

    Only if you have failed the residency obligation which was the theme of this thread . If someone has failed the RO then they need to stay put for 2 years to reset the RO, but if in that 2 years they were to try to sponsor anyone before the RO we’re reset they could risk having their PR status...
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    Personal interview for Canadian PR card renewal

    Rick 45 not seen here since 10/2018
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    Canada Immigration

    there are no employers or jobs on this forum and is virtually impossible to secure a job from outside of Canada
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    I have my valid PGWP but I'm outside Canada at the moment - want to return but student visa expiring soon - HELP

    Is that not what I said ? All you need to travel back as well as your PGWP/Passport is a valid TRV or if visa exempt a valid ETA . You need a valid TRV to travel back so you apply for one on basis you have a valid PGWP, as yiou are outside Canada you apply from outside same as if you...
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    Job Offer from

    It will be fake as was highlighted in the initial post in this thread Why is a hospital HR director is contacting you and also why the email address is not just This link tells you all you need to know about fake REPSOL offers...
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    NOC code for production

    You need to list the job duties for anyone to make any sensible suggestion. A job title does not give many clues
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    Is there any possibility of visa that I can cancel my wife's visa

    Maybe time to consult a family lawyer and not a public forum. Answer still the same in that you cannot apply to cancel any visa your wife holds. Sure you could report her for immigration fraud if she were guilty of that , but cheating on someone is more a domestic than an immigration matter...
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    I have my valid PGWP but I'm outside Canada at the moment - want to return but student visa expiring soon - HELP

    You have a PGWP so the study permit is no longer relevant with an open work permit. All you need to travel back as well as your PGWP/Passport is a valid TRV or if visa exempt a valid ETA
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    Looking for how to get a letter of acceptance from an international School in Canada

    You decide the course you want to study, chose a university , access that university website where the application instructions will be clearly stated, get an offer letter and then apply for a study permit. Pretty simple really and same as everyone does to apply online...
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    Needs Info regarding renewal of pr

    Have you read the instructions and the document checklist to renew PR cards ? All you need to know and submit is clearly stated there
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    Problem in Sponsoring an Adopted Child

    Assume you realise the original poster not seen here for 5 years
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    LMIA interview questions and processing time

    That is an impossible question to answer given nobody here knows your employer and any interview would suspect just be like a normal job interview to assess your suitability/ qualification to do the job. Add to that for an LMIA the employer will decide whether they want to waste 1000 dollars on...
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    Where can I find a list of documents? Anyone else applying from the UK?
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    What are the options for changing college after landing in Canada ??

    Seems that possibly Nigerian students based on feedback on this forum may need to put more effort into justifying coming to Canada but does not necessarily mean more get rejected than some other countries. See this link to change...
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    Dependent does not land in Canada

    You both have to land for PR so if only you land only you will get PR. If you receive your COPRs soon is there a medical reason why your wife cannot complete a soft landing if she is not due until September ?
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    Hotel jobs

    There are no jobs or employers on this forum and almost impossible to get a job from outside of Canada. You will see many examples on this forum of fake hotel job offers, either offers from fake hotels or offers pretending to be from genuine hotel chains. Scammers create fake hotel websites...
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    So are you already in Canada and either already a PR or have an open work permit already ? Is this employer going to apply for and pay for an LMIA (1000CDN) to support this job offer or are they asking you to pay anything ? What is the actual job and what are they promising for example...
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    Citizen for newborn born outside canada

    Refer answer #4 above. You would need to demonstrate your intention to move to Canada in order to sponsor your child for PR from outside of Canada