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  1. zohebshaikh

    Resend new photos for PR Card

    I see a lot of posts where applicants have received letters to resend new photos for PR card. Is this because photos where not submitted during the landing process or because the original photos were not of the correct dimensions or due to any other issues ??? Will be nice if applicants who...
  2. zohebshaikh

    Experience required for Express Entry

    Yes, use only experience you can provide reference letters for. All other experience you can provide later when you file your eAPR (after ITA) in the personal history section.
  3. zohebshaikh

    How long it takes to get COPR

    depends on the country you are in, it takes approximately 2 weeks. look at my signature below if in India
  4. zohebshaikh

    Different names on credentials

    Good Luck with your application
  5. zohebshaikh

    Really need immigration consultant or i can apply by myself for PNP

    save the 8500 AED and put it to better use :)
  6. zohebshaikh

    Scotiabank account -Proof of funds

    one account in the name of the primary applicant showing the balance will do. your husband can transfer the money to your current savings account and you can then make a single transfer of the entire amount to your scotia bank account and carry a statement reflecting that along as your PoF. once...
  7. zohebshaikh

    Different names on credentials

    w While applying for ECA (and everywhere else) use the names as on the passport
  8. zohebshaikh

    Different names on credentials

    the affidavit will only be required after you get an invitation to apply while filing your eAPR
  9. zohebshaikh

    Different names on credentials

    yes, the ECA will replicate what is in the educational documents, adding a LoE for the ECA will be a good idea.
  10. zohebshaikh

    Really need immigration consultant or i can apply by myself for PNP

    you must ideally apply by yourself, most applicants do so. all the control will be with the consultant if you go through one and you will be dependent on him/her for everything and will bear the consequences of any mistake the consultant may make. you will know what to do if you spend some...
  11. zohebshaikh

    Post PPR Questions - Appendix B

    Unless someone answers more specifically, you can follow these: only the current valid passports can't recollect what is 'appendix b' but as long as it is legible handwritten should work too can't recollect what is 'appendix b' you need one copy of the PPR e-mail (with or without the appendix...
  12. zohebshaikh

    Different names on credentials

    Make a notarised affidavit solemnly declaring that Rajat Kaura and Rajat Kumar Kaura; Rashmi Kaura and Rashmi Kumar Kaura; and Keshav Kaura and Keshav Kumar Kaura, as mentioned in the exhibits annexed are the same person (and attach the marksheets as exhibits). Explain this in your Letter of...
  13. zohebshaikh

    PR application statutory questions

    you should have a small stamp in your passport with date and visa application 'file number'
  14. zohebshaikh

    Express entry and PNP

    you cannot apply for OINP, they will invite you to apply for their PNP if they find your profile interesting basis their criteria.
  15. zohebshaikh

    Misrepresentation on the basis of previous visitor visa!!! Help

    yes, you don't need to state that it was omitted. just be factually correct this time. also mention that you "applied for visitor visa of canada and it was rejected on the basis of Purpose of Visit. there is a section where you will be specifically asked this. just say you had applied in <when>...
  16. zohebshaikh

    Landing Ottawa via Toronto - where should do immigration procedures?

    will the international leg luggage allowance be available for the onward connecting flight too ? under normal circumstances (non-immigrant) we book the luggage to final destination so the baggage allowance applies till destination. however, in this case of immigration if we check our baggage...
  17. zohebshaikh

    Misrepresentation on the basis of previous visitor visa!!! Help

    you don't need to write an LoE for what you did not do in the past. was that lapse on your part noticed or flagged by them ? If no one noticed or raised it specifically as an issue, then forget that you "did not disclose 3 years of part-time work exp and only disclosed 2 years of full-time work...
  18. zohebshaikh


    you need to do the 'upfront medical exam' basis your ita with an empanelled clinic before you submit your eAPR