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    Re-issue of PR Visa

    Date on PR card is not important. What is important is that they meet the 2 out of5 years from their landing date or in the past 5 years depending on their circumstances.
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    Study permit extension

    You have no proof of this and the number of international students has been increasing every year.
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    Dentist ECA

    I hope that your wife has looked into how hard it may be to get licensed as a dental surgeon in Canada If she wants to continue practicing.
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    Study permit approved after 3 refusals

    Have you ordered GCMS notes?
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    change of marital status after getting student visa

    No. Just warning you that SOWP is not guaranteed for spouses of international students.
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    Want to extend Visitor visa status for my father

    Just want to clarify that you need to show that you have earned the LICO amount in Canada versus showing what your salary is. We have seen some people get 1 year but it always depend on the individual’s file.Although I understand that your mother passed away in an accident you seem to have...
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    Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

    Unsure. You can email their Canadian embassy. Since it is not a known document the Canadian embassies are usually the ones who have the answer versus places in the country who are often very confused when they see an RTD.
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    Mt application for temporary resident visa refused

    Yes order GCMS notes.
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    Writing invitation letter?

    There isn’t a set time frame but if they apply now there will certainly be concerns that they are trying to move to Canada with you. It would be much bettter for you both to get employed and be established in Canada before inviting them. Maybe around 6+ months from your arrival.
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    Visitor visa for fiancé

    You can certainly try. She needs to adress the concerns that were raised in her previous refusal.
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    Invitation letter - Parents

    No salary bracket. Your salary is not what is important. What is important is their personal liquid savings.
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    Invitation letter - Parents

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    Family class sponsorship

    Yes spouse are asked to attend interview or be available by phone. You said she arrived in November and it is almost the end of February so 3 months. That s considered too long but you will have to see what happens to your sponsorship. On a positive note it does provide much more proof that...
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    Want to extend Visitor visa status for my father

    You really need to be thinking of a plan B. Do you have a spouse who is a citizen or who has been a PR for a long time than you have. Will you qualify for supervisa based on your NOA2019? It seems like you only startEd working in Canada in August 2018. What is your plan if your father gets...
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    Invitation letter - Parents

    Yes the person with the WP can invite them. The invitation is only a minor portion of the application. What is most important is the strong ties to their home country and their liquid savings.
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    Got letter to pick up PR card. They want Canadian ID, which I couldn't get with an expired PR card...

    The health card is still valid as ID even if expired. You can also bring your passport.
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    Family class sponsorship

    You guys made the choice to get pregnant knowing she would be alone in Canada given that you PR application would unlikely to be approved at that point. There are women who are alone in Canada with a baby. Your application should be refused because your wife spent all this time out of Canada...
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    Paper Size

    There should be directions on how to submit pictures in the guide. Believe you have to put them/copies on a paper. Will let others comment
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    Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

    Wow how are you able to travel so much. Most Canadians only get a few weeks of vacation every year. Jealous! Would also say that showing involvement/commitment to establishing a life in Canada is also is a good thing to do as a protected person.
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    Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

    The requirements are still the same. If they have recently moved there they don’t really have history in the area. The people running the program aren’t stupid and they are getting thousands of applications...