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  1. fsarosh


    Hello friends. I have a question to all of you who have already applied for a visitors visa for Canada from Pakistan. If you want to submit additional documents with your application (like copy of nikahnama, family registration certificate, copy of air ticket, property papers etc) will they...
  2. fsarosh

    All Pakistanis join this thread

    Sister this is totally your luck. Some people gets it in just a couple of weeks and for some, it takes even months so there is no certain answer to your question. My whole hearted prayers with you. May Allah resolve your case in your favor as soon as possible Ameen.
  3. fsarosh

    Moving from Vancouver to Toronto

    Get a letter of experience for your driving from ICBC in BC. It will be required by insurance companies in Ontario to provide you auto insurance either you go for uber or drive car for your own pleasure.
  4. fsarosh

    All Pakistanis join this thread

    I Comm is post secondary in Pakistan but Secondary in Canada
  5. fsarosh

    All Pakistanis join this thread

    If your mother has any travel history in the last 5 years, her chances are good. What i would suggest is that there is no need to show that your wife is expecting as the behavior of the visa officer will not be effected because of this reason. Just simply mention that she wants to visit you for...
  6. fsarosh

    Language Proof Queries

    Get a letter from your college or university stating the medium of instruction was english. Thats what i did for my wife. Now we are citizen. For myself, i submitted my expired ielts and that was accepted.
  7. fsarosh

    I dont want lie

    in the "person to contact" field, write down "Human Resources Dept" as they have all the information. People dont stay on the same position and in the same company forever and sometimes, like your case dies also. The companies stays forever. If you did a volunteer with a company then the HR dept...
  8. fsarosh

    Language proof?

    It looks like you are from Pakistan. I am too. My wife also did not have ielts or any other language test so we arranged a letter from her college in Pakistan and we submitted our citizenship application with that and no objections were raised on that. Now, we are already citizens.
  9. fsarosh

    Passport stamps for PR re-entering Canada

    Now, most of the times, they dont stamp the passports specially for citizens and permanent residents as they have all the records. My mother in law came a couple of months back (she was a visitor not even a resident or citizen) and they did not stamp her passport. I immediately went to the CBSA...
  10. fsarosh

    Dual citizen traveling from Canada to Pakistan and back

    What if somebody doesn't have a nicop???
  11. fsarosh

    Language proof: should I send a photocopy for a proof that I don't have the original copy anymore?

    I sent my photocopies for my IELTS test. They know that they took the originals at the time of the application. I got my citizenship back in september. They never asked for the original copy.
  12. fsarosh

    Dual citizen traveling from Canada to Pakistan and back

    I have checked with one Pakistani & Canadian passport holder who already travelled to Pakistan using both the passports and here is what he told me: At the time of entering in Pakistan, you have to show your Pakistani passport and the immigration officer in Pakistan will put the entry stamp on...
  13. fsarosh

    December 2017 - Citizenship Applicants

    Today, my journey spanning of several years (just like the other immigrants) formally concluded as i received my passports and all the formalities and paperwork, that i have done during the past several years is finally over. I want to thank many friends who i dont even know who helped me on...
  14. fsarosh


    Today, i received my passports. Wonderful service by the Whitby office. I got the passports exactly on the 10th day i.e. 8 business days.
  15. fsarosh

    question 11 ?

    i dont think because technically volunteering is not an employment.
  16. fsarosh


    what was the wait time there?
  17. fsarosh

    Canadian citizen’s documents taken from her

    If her family trust you, try to get their complete address and provide it to the Canadian Embassy in that country explaining to situation. They will do the rest.
  18. fsarosh

    Gap in validity of passports during eligibility period

    well frankly i dont remember what was there in table a and b